Copa Del Rey 2008 Chilean Chardonnay - 6 Pack

Copa Del Rey 2008 Chilean Chardonnay - Six Pack
$49.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 6 Copa Del Rey 2008 Chardonnay
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Almost bought 3 until i saw it was the Chardonnay( I’m sure it’s great, I’m just not a white wine person)

I hope the Copa Del Rey Chilean 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon is next, it is one of my favorites!!!

X-Post from the original thread for this offer.
Cortot20 wrote:

Any thoughts/tasting notes from those who took advantage of this last time?

Dang! I was hoping to see the red.

This is moving slower than the Java Rub!

I bought the last offer. It is very good Chardonnay. Unfortunately this will probably languish for awhile since most of the people on w.w. seem to be white wine haters.

I am definitely more of a red drinker than white and don’t need 6, anyone in the Cincinnati area want to split this?

Although I’m normally a red drinker, I noticed my stock of whites was finis (I need something to cook with).
Excellent timing woot.

I think I’ve discovered a great new way to justify my woot-off expenditures. I’m going to start adding up all the money I’ve saved rather than what I spend.

In the last hour, I’ve saved $90 already between not purchasing the rabbit and the Copa. If i start to add in a couple others, I might be pushing $200 in savings! Yeah me! (As I update the Blue Rock purchase in CT). :wink:


I have no idea if this is any good, but summer is coming for those of you who sit by the pool drinking your white wine coolers. And $9/bottle is cheaper than the Kendall-Jackson that’s been on sale at the grocery store since last May.

I’m not a white wine hater, but I’m choosy. And I particularly don’t care for buttery chards. Per the winery comments in the previous offer, this has 70% MLF so it’s a pass for me.

With all you’ve saved, the wine is paying for itself. Good job.

The kendall-jacksons can sit for eternity as far as I am concerned. What a sucky wine.
Now I am in for two on this offering. I loved the last two copas I purchased, both the red and the chard. GREAT affordable drinking wine.

Exactly. I’m a lover of a great Sauvignon Blanc and a few other white varietals, but chard has to be just right for me to enjoy it.

I didn’t say the K-J was any good, just that this is cheaper than the on-sale, “name brand” Chardonnay you’ll see on every shopping trip. WineDavid is generally good to us; in the absence of other knowledge, I would expect this to be better. As you confirm.

I’m in for one… Mother Nature willing, Spring will come again to Minnesota and this sounds like it will be lovely after all the snow has melted. Perhaps in July??

“Haters” is very strong, and although you are right that a lot of the regular posters prefer reds, there are plenty of Chard lovers around.

I’ve opened one bottle of this so far - excellent wine for the price. It’s all about balance - this is neither very oakey nor MLF buttery, but this has some of both, so it’s not a crispy/tart citrusy Chard either. It’s also quite dry, but again, balanced with enough alcohol and fruitiness that it’s quite pleasant and easy to drink.

BTW, this is the first Chilean Chard that I’ve liked.

One interesting note - I wrote down pineapple and pear as the principal fruit tastes, and when I looked back at the winery notes, they said pineapple and guava. It occurred to me that I might be tasting the same thing as the winemaker, but a) my descriptions are only my best approximation, and b) as a gringo American, I have eaten a lot more pears than guavas in my lifetime, so I would think of pear first. Hmm…

I think this will go fine until the end of the summer, but I’m not planning to save any until 2012.

Finally, be sure to check out the nice rat reports from the previous offering that Cesare linked to.