Copa Del Rey 2008 Chilean Chardonnay - Six Pack

Copa Del Rey 2008 Chilean Chardonnay - Six Pack
$49.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 6 Copa Del Rey 2008 Chardonnay
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Pevious offer:

Copa, again?

The vintner voicemail says you use malolactic fermentation, and age in French oak. Did you do total total MLF?

Also, what is the pH (the Woot page says “Acid: 5.6” - typo, or g/l??)?

Don’t understand. The description says “Chilean”, but the winery info says Central Coast of California.

For those curious about a price comparison, here at Spec’s in Texas- a bottle of this goes for $10.12 and $113.88/case.

Grapes are from Chile and the wine is bottled at the CA winery. Like our friends at Calcerous and their sub-label, TLC.

Also, is there any residual sugar in this wine?

Juan Jose talks a lot about fruit, sounds like they’ll be nice for warm Spring days. I didn’t hear anything about oak in the vintner’s voice mail but the description mentions “harmonious oak on the palate.” Are these oaked, if so, for how long and in what sort of oak? If not, how was the harmonious oak imparted?

edit: thanks sr. ghost, I didn’t catch French oak in the VVM.

Not a huge Chardonnay fan

I might be curious about this, anyone want to split the offering? I do not need 6 bottles of white wine.

He mentioned French oak.

Also, here’s a couple of linkies:

Wine of the week: Copa Del Rey, 2008 Rapel Valley Chile Chardonnay

Cheap Wine That Doesn’t Suck: Copa Del Rey 2008 Chardonnay

BTW, he also mentioned MLF and butter flavor. I’d love to hear from any rats just how buttery/oakey this is.

I’ve tried several Chilean Chards, and I haven’t truly liked one yet. Could this be the first?

Offering description:

“Harmonious oak is pleasant on the palate, while a forward and juicy mouthfeel marks this Chardonnay as versatile and unique.”

There were rats at the previous offering.
See Cesare’s link at the top of the thread.

Pass. SIWBM.

That was for the Cabernet Sauv, though.

You are correct, sir.

Waiting to hear from the rats on this one, due to the attractive price.

Good price, but this is almost a life-time supply of Chardonnay in this household. :slight_smile:

How long have I been complaining about there being no Chardonnay and finally there is Chardonnay, and it ships to CT. The woot gods smile upon me today.

In for 1.

Ha! Another CT wino! Enjoying the -2 degree F temps this morning? I think I would prefer a trip to Chile to try this at their vineyard!

I’m in for 1 too

Wait… Anna Chapman buys wine here? I thought you had gone back to Russia!