Copa Del Rey 2008 Chilean Chardonnay - Six Pack

Copa Del Rey 2008 Chilean Chardonnay - Six Pack
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PRODUCT: 6 Copa Del Rey 2008 Chardonnay
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Pevious offers:

I’m beginning to think I may not get a second shot at the new triacipedis this woot off :frowning:

Goodnight Woot. Very disappointed…



PoiZin or Triacipedis

You’d swear a grocery chain went out of business or something with the selection we’re seeing this Woot Off…

PoiZin would be nice :smiley:

why so many chards, I want red, RED!

Copa del Rey is the new Cosentino.

This is the first time I’ve ever eagerly awaited a wootoff to end… just horrible.

Tomorrow will be non-legal wine state thursday where some Jerky, Tofee, or Olives show up and then we HOPEFULLY get a good offering for the weekend.

i want a woot cellars offer, i regret not buying the monkey bottle last time, but it was half a case and 3 whites, i just don’t drink white wine :frowning:

is woot cellars good stuff?

I would welcome a little more of the Hahn winery’s better stuff, but Chilean wine I can buy at the grocery store.

Of course, for those who prefer it, buy, buy, buy!

Triacipidis - Delicious
Monkey Prize 2 - Very good, will be delicious in a few months
Albino Rhino - Word on the street is very nice

I like the red but haven’t tried the white…has anyone tried this?

I will just add one more thing to that…BOO

You’ll get nothing and you’ll LIKE it!!

Good one.

maybe it was albino rhino that i saw because after googling it I think they sold as just red or maybe it wasn’t reviewed or whatever…

when the time machine is done i will just go back and hit myself!

thanks for the reply, i will continue to hope!

i’d say it’s next, and last.

If it is, I’ll add more to my stash.