Copa del Rey 2008 Maipo Valley Chilean Merlot - 6 Pack

Copa del Rey 2008 Maipo Valley Chilean Merlot - 6 Pack
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6 Copa del Rey 2008 Maipo Valley Chilean Merlot
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There you dudes go again, stacking bottles upside down.

Only one of them is upside down, and the wine inside is defying gravity.

The bottles are upside down?

I have never had a Chilean Merlot. Can anyone who has tell me about your experience. Is it even worth trying, since I don’t go fer Merlot much anyhow?

I imagine this tastes about the same as a $9 Chilean Cabernet. Or a $9 Chilean Malbec.

In fairness, I’ve had some terrific Chilean wines. But at this price level, you really need to modulate your expectations. Considering that we’ve had the Wellington Merlot up here at $12-13/bottle, well…

Today’s W.W. not to be confused with “Costa Del Sol,” the popular Sangiovese blend! :wink:

Is this like the Chardonnay, in that it’s made in Chile, but with American oversight?

Also, how long did it spend in the barrels?

For what it’s worth, my post about the Chard from the Woot-Off:

I actually went in on the Copa del Rey Cabernet, in the hopes that maybe WD had discovered another terrific daily drinker in the TLC mold. I was sadly mistaken. It’s not drain-pour-worthy, but it’s beyond undistinguished.

And not particularly well-made. I polished off most of a bottle a couple weeks ago (it was open and I didn’t want to waste it) and woke up the next day with an awful hangover. Typically after a bottle of good red I can pop out of bed early the next morning and be fine, but that stuff really messed up my system. I’m not really sure what I’ll do with the other four bottles, but I doubt it will be drinking.

So, Copa del Your Own Risk.

Hmm. Certainly, no want wants to drink plonk, but what chemicals in it would cause a hangover that aren’t found in good wine?

There is evidence that byproducts of fermentation, and not just ethanol itself, contribute to a hangover (dark liquor causes more/worse hangovers than light liquor).

Just wondering - is the effect psychological, or is there 3-mercapto-1-diethyl-plonkitol involved?

I cannot speak for this wine. But well made wines have less sulfates in them, there are high sulfate wines that give me a headache as I’m drinking them.

Yes, generally it’s an issue of impurities. I don’t know all the science behind it, but any extra crap beyond ethanol in something that your body requires water to metabolize is going to lead to/exacerbate a hangover.

One theory I have is that when a winery tries to squeeze (pun, sadly, intended) as high a yield out of their vines and grapes as they can, more borderline grapes, with whatever weird crud they may have on or in them gets into the mix. Even though a healthy dose of sulfites more or less neutralizes whatever impurities result, that stuff is still in the wine and your body still has to churn through it.

Of course, I may just be a hopelessly full-of-crap wine snob. Dunno.

I was pretty satisfied with the Cabernet by these guys that was on here a few months ago. I would not be afraid to give these a try either.

I always thought it was associated with higher M.W. heterocyclic compounds - what a previous boss used to call “bis-2-methyl-hexyl-chicken wire”.

Sulfites in Wine

“nearly all winemakers add sulfites”

“Sulfites do not cause headaches!!!”

Red wine headache

“Since wines contain a warning label about sulfites many people have assumed that sulfites are the cause of RWH. This is not the case.”

Courtesy of CJ:

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Anything that is added to products in ever increasing amounts to prevent spoilage tend to have nasty side affects in those higher doses, including salt- yay hypertension. Also allergies

I have noticed that wines from makers that don’t add sulfates (I am aware that sulfates do occur naturally) don’t give me an instant headache. I don’t know what other junk they might add to their wine to try and increase profitability.

Does that include ethanol?