Copa del Rey 2008 Maipo Valley Chilean Merlot - 6 Pack

Copa del Rey 2008 Maipo Valley Chilean Merlot - 6 Pack
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PRODUCT: 6 Copa del Rey 2008 Maipo Valley Chilean Merlot
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How about EVOO? pretty please?

Anyone with knowledge of how these compare to their cab offering?

NOT Carmenere :slight_smile:

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shows lowest @ $9.99 per bottle

“tasting notes” from last woot

For myself, I have a 6-pack of Wellington, which I am looking forward to.

For those who drink more than a glass or two at a time, this might be a good second or third bottle for the evening. (Run it through a Vinturi back into the Wellington bottles…)

Love this w00t off… already 5 orders deep from it… BUT… who do I have to bribe to put up the Mandolina mixed pack again???

From the last time it was up:

Seems to sum up the risk associated with buying it.

How bout some Pedroncelli Petite Sirah? That was super yummy!!!

I bought a bit of that Wellington a couple of years ago and it is aging really well! Lots of sediment, though, so make sure you filter it.

I went back and note your comments are helpful, I’m in for a case (fan of the oak)I’ll butt in later to report. Appreciate the inclusion of the CT link, kinda new to this and what a great tool! My first Woot-off and I likey.

I will gladly chip in to the bribe fund! That was a very enjoyable pack!

In for two. My Dad likes merlot and his birthday is coming up…

I’ve had both, and the cab is a little sweeter and much fruitier. Overall, this is a more bitter merlot than the others I’ve had… I don’t if that helps ya out at all…

On one of the earlier offerings, the response to complaints about bitterness was a suggestion to decant for a longish while (one or more hours). If that helps.

Noticed it’s your first post. Welcome, lurker! Hope you find something to buy.

Come on caramels!!

Any chance these will ship out soon???

When do we think this will ship? I am new to this as this was my first purchase from wine.woot

This shipment seems VERY late. The last time I bought these I received them within one week. Something smells here!!!