Copa Del Rey 2009 Chilean Chardonnay (6)



Copa Del Rey 2009 Chilean Chardonnay 6-Pack
$54.99 (Normally $72.00) 24% off List Price
Copa del Rey 2009 Rapel Valley Chardonnay
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Believe I bought some of this in July,wasn’t very impressed,but I better double check


is it just me or is the wine.woot-off moving along slowly… 17 items seem pretty light for a woot-off.


I buy this every opportunity Woot gives me. This Copa Del Rey is a really nice, casual white. It’s nicely balanced for a “daily drinker.” It’s my one of my favorites, and the price point is amazeballs.


I am a repeat buyer of this wine. I find it a very affordable everyday wine that is quite drinkable and enjoyable.