Copa Del Rey Chilean 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon - 6 Pack

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Well, this one’s gonna take us to either 1 am if this is a one day woot off or completely through the night if it’s a two day.

Hullo? Anybody home?

Sold 450 cases in January. You may be surprised.

So who tried a bottle from the last WOOT and what was their opinion?

Then again, I could be completely and totally wrong. I should not project my tastes on others, something I learned a long time ago.

For the same price, how does this compare to the Ramsay?

Oh. It was a weekend offer, so the thread has labrat reports, as well.

Bought it the last go around and I was quite surprised. My expecations for an under $9 cab were not too high to begin with, but after sitting in a decanter for a few hours I gave it a try and really enjoyed it. Nice smooth finish. I still have 5 left, but if this is sold again in a month, I would not hesitate to buy another 6 pack…

Copa Del Rey is a perfectly decent wine, but they are all over my area so wooting it just seems kinda silly ordering it here.

Still waiting on a nice blacktie to drop some bank on. Hoping for some Blue Rock Vineyards Cab. I’m still kicking myself for missing that last wootoff…

The bottle I had was really heavy on green pepper, and pretty herbaceous and bitter. I would skip it, and I wouldn’t buy again

Thanks for taking the time to copy the quotes. I just ordered one. :slight_smile:

I found I liked it for what it was … key was plenty of decanting (let if breathe a bit to settle down). But I now buy it at a local discount liquor store here in Texas (Specs) for nearly the same price. So will pass on it this time around.

Why not? $9 shipped? Hard to beat. If it’s gross I can just serve it to my enemies.

Or cook with it?

Sounds like it could be a perfect “second bottle of the night” bottle for me and the lady.

I’m in for one.

Here’s the Cellar Tracker entry.

“A few hours” in the decanter – this sounds like one of the wines a vinturi won’t deal with well.

so the lady is THE ENEMY then…

I’m new at this, but here are my thoughts:

I opened and drank one from the last Woot-Off. This wine has a lot of heat. It smells like Welch’s grape juice upon pouring. It has a maroon color.
I taste a bit of leather, cherries and maybe a hint of plum? The finish reminds me of a dark roasted coffee. It hits your tongue with fruit and finishes with lots of tannins.
I drank this alone first, and really enjoyed it, though it was a bit high in alcohol for my taste. The second night, I sampled it with a bit of Gruyere, which really brought out the leathery flavor.
I don’t own a decanter yet, so I let it sit in the glass for about half an hour before drinking after my initial taste, which seemed to diffuse a little of the alcohol.
I am looking forward to trying this with the salami I ordered earlier today! :slight_smile:

And since I still have five bottles, I’m going to opt out this time around.

I ran it through my trusted Vinturi as soon as the bottle was uncorked…Excellent.:wink:

It would be difficult to beat this wine for the price…