Copa Del Rey Chilean Cabernet (6)

I had this last time it was up. It isn’t bad but I think I am going to pass this time. It’s price about right.

Really? I’m beating the stats post? I like the Copa and free shipping helps. Hoping for some more irresistable offerings. Anyone listening? Scott Harvey? Humanitas? Blue Nomad? Sea salt caramel turtles?

Copa Del Rey Cabernet 6-Pack
$49.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT:6 2009 Copa Del Rey Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon
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Summer shipping is in effect so don’t worry about your wine.
Every winery needs a separate license from each state which is why your state isn’t listed.

Drinkable everyday wine for ~$8 a bottle? In for 2.

Funny how that happens. Cesare is on the rpm tour, I’m filling in, but had to step out, so my evil twin (above) has it.

It’s not that great. I ended up using it for sangria just so I didn’t have to waste it. Sure the price is right, but if you can’t drink it…

Still waiting for Wellington Rhone whites.

Cynthylee, if you like it so much, I’ll make you a real deal on what’s left of the last case I bought. Skunkiest wine I’ve ever had. Considering giving it away for cooking wine!

I loved their merlot. Anyone tried both their merlot and cabernet? I’d love some comparative reviews on them…

This has a little more vanilla than I really like, but I found it drinkable. It’s not a GREAT wine, but it’s decent for this price. I’m trying to keep myself good, or I’d think about going in for another 6.

Sorry, already in for one. But perhaps you should take the thoughts of others and make a sangria? With the summer we are having, it would be a welcome cooler-offer.

I’m with you on that. And Stillman hinted at something new in the Black Zeppelin offer so I’m curious what we’ll see from him…

heres my shopping list. hahn,twisted oak, vino noceto and jason stephens. please help me fill it. thanks!!

I’d also be in on Davis Family Vineyards Cuvée Luke. I’m looking for Rhone whites from someone. It’s summer damnit!!

Bought this twice here, love it!

Bought this once, was not a fan. I should probably try one of the remaining bottles to see if it’s improved at all. A girl can hope.

15% alcohol content. Nuff said.