Copa Del Rey Chilean Cabernet (6)

Copa Del Rey Chilean 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon 6-Pack
6 2009 Copa Del Rey Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon
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Previous offers:
1/14/11 (2008)

Only 2…not 3…that sucks…

Someone was asking for this earlier…

A case is always the limit. Buy more with a second account or gift it with your account.

Is this nice? I’m rebuilding our cellar after the tragedy that was moving back from Switzerland and losing all our French/German/Spanish wines. I don’t want to talk about it. I DO want to discuss this wine, though… Comments and suggestions appreciated.

It’s $10/btl shipped wine. You shouldn’t be expecting anything ground breaking. People seem to enjoy it for what it is, though.

use the links in Cesare’s post to access the discussions from previous offerings of this wine. You will get more info, and you will probably get it in time to read it before the item sells out here.

The discussion from the second offering, particularly, will likely have comments from people who bought it in the first offering.

Using Cesare’s link is a good suggestion for any wine.woot offering, BTW.

Like Kyle said, don’t expect this to taste like a $30 or $40 bottle of wine, but this wine is very good for a $10 bottle. Unfortunately I didn’t take any notes on this, but if I didn’t still have 5 bottles I would definitely be in for more. It’s not complex, but it is not thin and flabby either.

Thank you!

You mean “almost always”. Occasionally there have been case offerings in which you could purchase two.

I personally found it to ok cooking wine. Sorry that isnt going to help speed the woot along. I tried a bottle from a friend and well, umm. Glad it was free.

I think those are for mixed cases? Afaik you can’t order more than a case of a single wine, but of course I could be wrong…

Also bought a case of those a while back. It’s decent, definitely better now than it was when it first came.

Yes, I have to say that having read some of the comments from last time this wine was offered as was kindly suggested, I’m probably going to give this a pass. It’s just the wrong season for sangria and we have pretty limited space if this ends up being plonk. However, I genuinely appreciate everyone’s thoughts.

Just received a 6 pac bought last month, my 3rd buy of this. nice daily wine

but I want some ROCKUS BOCKUS

I’ve bought a six pack twice. It’s not my favorite wine, but it’s far from bad. It’s perfect for cooking and for table wine.

I consider this a nice everyday drinking wine. The Chilean Cabs have some great QPR.

I wouldn’t suggest stocking your wine cellar with too many of these, as I would rather save the cellar space for higher end wines.

This was also featured 05/23/2012, 02/18/2012, I know cause it’s in my order history. :slight_smile: It’s a totally good deal for what I think is a fantastic wine. To me it is dry with high tannin’s (still learning the lingo). The very first sip I had back in March was very spicy but that was a one time experience, and not a complaint just an oddity. Of the three cases I’ve been through I’ve had one bad bottle. I’ve given a few away as gifts and they get high praise. I’m glad this offer came up again. It’s definitely worth more than $10 a bottle.

I just had two cases of other Merlot delivered last week, but this Copa Del Rey Cabis so delicious, I just bought 2 more cases anyway!

Get it while the gettin’s good!


My go to every day wine. I recommend it for pasta with meat or any kind of hearty meat-based dish. Got enough of this so I am passing today but I will get more in the future.

Thanks again for the thoughts, everyone.