Copa Del Rey Chilean Cabernet (6)

Got this last time it was around. Nothing special, i take a bottle with me to parties where people drink 2buk wine. But not a special drink by any means. The Inzinerator for earlier is where it’s at :slight_smile: my fav, esp for the price.

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I just thought to myself, hey I’ll buy these overpriced PB cups to help speed it up so I can pick up a case of Copa cab or something.

Creepy woot mind readers.

I bought this last time. By no means do I have a sophisticated palate. But, this wine has a strange aftertaste if you drink it without letting it decant for 45 minutes to an hour. The aftertaste was more prevalent in the first bottle I opened (on the day it arrived) which makes me think the shipping may be a factor. I think I’ll get another one right now.

Copa Del Rey Chilean Cabernet - 6 pack
$54.99 (Normally $91.85) 40% off List Price
6 2009 Copa Del Rey Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon
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Previous offer:

I thoroughly enjoy this wine. I may not be a sophisticated wine taster, but I sure do like this one. The price is nice and … well … free shipping all day long? I ordered two sets.

First Sucker:

I got this wine last time along with their chardonnay. Both were not special to the point that the chardonnay was almost undrinkable, but we are still working through it. The cab was surprisingly bland for a chilean cab. I would not buy them again even at this price. Sorry my first negative post on woot ever!

I only got the Cab but was similarly unimpressed.

Finally. I’ve been hoping this wine would show up again. Third time of buying it (don’t normally get through wine this fast, but my ex-husband decided he liked it and drank most of it).

It’s lighter than most cabs, but it’s a really nice drink, especially at the price.

me too. :frowning:

I’ve bought this 2 out of the 3 times it’s been offered prior to this. I like Cabs and this is a good to decent Cab. For the price you really can’t beat it. Great Every Day Cab.


I love it. I buy it everytime it shows up.

pass, I have outgrown this wine, I just don’t like it. The last couple of bottles I had to mix with another red to make my own blend so I could finish it. This is one Cab I’ll pass on every time. :frowning:

Would this make a decent sangria?

That’s saying something, coming from a man who had never met a Cab he didn’t like (or so it seemed)! I don’t really love it myself (though I did when I first started buying it, which may have been back in 2009 – I guess my taste has evolved since then), but my wine-buying cabal at work loves it, and so I am in for two. When I was drinking it more regularly, I found it more palatable with a slight chill, and a half hour to open up.

This is a great wine for those evenings that you open the 2nd, 3rd, or dare I say, 4th bottle.

Great idea. I’m going to try a sangria with this. Will post results if/when it comes up again in the future.

As this is a very common woot offering, I always look forward to the “swill/not swill” debate, thanks wooters for not disappointing! I haven’t tried this as I can find my daily drinkers locally (sometimes from Hahn, same owners), but one of these days I know the “not swill” crowd will convince me.