Copa Del Rey Chilean Cabernet (6)

Oh Boy !
Oh Boy !
Oh Boy !
Oh Boy !
Oh Boy !

They must have a gzillion cases of this excelent vintage… dripping with sarcasm

Seriously, someone anyone please buy this so we do not have to see it anymore.

old faithful.

this is damn near a woot off exclusive. always a good value anyways.

The roomba of wine.woot! :smiley:

Copa Del Rey Chilean 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon 6-Pack
$49.99 $̶9̶1̶.̶8̶5̶ 46% off List Price
2009 Copa Del Rey Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon

How much of this stuff could have possibly been made??

Fred’s in for 3…when something freezes over!

Though I have finally learned not to be confused by this - I would love to see Copa del Sol or whatever it was called - back again. GREAT QPR every day drinker - just finishing the last of my several cases of White Oak - really liked the Merlot.

The Cab wasn’t bad either. Should have gotten more of both.

Hmm … I noticed that my state is on the list - don’t think it has been in the past for the wine.

So, should I go in for 1?


I must have missed that when it was offered but I’ll be keeping an eye out in case it comes up again sometime.

That’s it - I think I missed that offering too - mine purchase was before that. Good stuff.

Yeah, that was another one of my all time favorite QPR reds from woot

I took one for the team - sent a 6-pack to my Dad’s old neighbors. They were really good to him and just happen to be big Chilean Cab fans.


White Oak, good juice, both the Cab and Merlot

I really enjoy this stuff for what it is, I just don’t need more wine. The cab franc is also awesome at about $2 more per bottle.

They make a Cab Franc?

It’s similar to a cab fred, no?