Copa Del Rey Chilean Cabernet (6)


Of course again, it’s not a Woot Off without Copa Del Ray Cab

Yes, I know, but it seems like it’s always here.

Right, but at <$9 per bottle, you’re going to buy some, aren’t you?

Yeah, I admit it, it makes for a good everyday wine. I’ll buy some. How much of this stuff did they produce, anyhow?

Apparently enough.

Ordinarily I’d be all over this for my Copa-loving pals, but alas still no NY. Frustrating, though surely more so for WD & the rest of the wine.woot crew!

How funny get to work 4:30 am and whats on the woot off ??? of course Copa, Is this a sign of the day to come?

Just transfered $$ from savings to checking… I’m ready for the woot off day.

We all know this wine. It’s ok and pretty much worth the price; I went through a case of it serving it at a party, it drank fine, but is nothing spectacular.

Worth the price, but not ordering as I’m trying to drink down my cellar at the moment (need to bottle some wine I made and don’t have the storage room for it currently). Only tasting note I remember is that there was more vanilla than I like for a sipping wine, but in general it’s the rough equivalent of a $12-15 bottle of grocery store purchased vino…

It is rumored that the vines produces, ferments and bottles the grapes all at the same time. All the winery has to do is pick it and label it. Amazing stuff!

“The Copa Del Rey is an annual Spanish football competition that… You’ve stopped reading, haven’t you?”

I’m officially boycotting this offer because of this statement! Snooty American wine snobs dissing the beautiful game. Harumph! :stuck_out_tongue:

That, and I’m just not interested in this wine :wink:

1 hr 45 minutes later only 40% sold.

Copa Shmopa.

Will anything ever be available in New York?

The Energizer Wine…

It’s baaaaaaack!

The last report I saw Weiner was available?

Three hours of Copa barely moving…ugh, this woot off sucks.

this wine s/b offered at Midnight, instead they had Tasi Marlot at mindnight and I missed out, wife loves the stuff, would have gotten 3 cases if offered at a better time :frowning:

Yes, the Copa just doesn’t do it for me - QPR is just not there.

This doesn’t seem like a smart way to conduct a wine woot-off. I would guess the first morning of a WO would be when there is the most interest and attentiveness. Stringing it out like this has to be counterproductive.

I prefer the Hahn Cab Franc, but I do thoroughly enjoy the Copa as nice daily sipper to wind down the day. Once I drink through my “Fizzy Cabs” I will be picking some more of this up.

It is, however, sparing my severely depleted wallet, unlike the past few days, and for this I am grateful.

Just when I come out of woot retirement they decide to have a woot off…

Going to be an expensive day me thinks