Copa Del Rey Chilean Cabernet (6)

Fred!!! Didn’t you say you were waiting for this so you could stock up? :wink:

pretty early for him out here…

Fair point. That said, you’re up. :slight_smile:

Was going to stock up an in for 3. But no go. Shipping restrictions are still in place. No love for GA here.

“Woke up, got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head”…AND IT’S C O P A time :slight_smile:

Ha! Fred called it.

No Wisconsin shipment even though they are not on the list.

Any thoughts??

I bought this wine every other time it was offered, but suddenly it can’t be shipped to NY. What changed, and Why?
I’ve pretty much given up on Woot as a whole, and only Wine Woot still had occasional worthwhile offerings, but it seems they’ve actually managed to ruin that too. I was in for 3, now I’m out for good.

Finally! It’s officially a Woot-off!

Unfortunately, I don’t think I finished the case from 2 woots ago, let alone opened any from the last woot off.

wine woot…you are missing out on sales…just saying.

I do not see WI or NY on the no ship list…

I have 11 bottles left from last woot… Should i get more?

Such a tough choice.
I love this wine and I know i will drink my 11 bottles before it comes up again, But I want to save a few $$$ and try some thing new…

i hope these go fast so I’m not tempted…

2/5 stars on cellartracker , I will pass! Get us some good wine instead of junk!

Purchased it last time around, not my favorite. We are hoping laying it up for a while will help. My experience so far with Chilean wines has been wonderful, I can live with this one exception. I found this somewhat one note and the oak does not really come through. It has a very young taste to me. Great price if you want to give it a try but I won’t bite on seconds.

We DO like this wine, after having bought it before, HOWEVER it says it cannot be shipped to Missouri. Since when? Somebody messed up.

I just bought wine last month on Woot and had it shipped to Tennessee. Now Tennessee has not shown up on any of the offerings in this woot off. Sent woot an email asking for an explanation; no response so far. I think they’ve changed their policy on something, maybe sales tax related. I’m gome to 'till sold out and last call. Bye, woot.

I, too, have purchased Copa several times. Now Ohio is not on the approved list either. Maybe it’s a way of restricting sales volume.

No there is some political issues with wine shipments and laws now. It was mentioned briefly on here a while back. It was stated there was not much info yet but we would be kept informed. We have NOT been.

I can understand this from government, no one expects them to be responsive or caring to those who pay taxes (which is very sad, especially that most do nothing about this). However it is very surprising and disappointing that Woot has not kept up informed as we do expect them to care about their, once, paying customers.
I have randomly checked for updates since this started. I do so less frequently now. Soon I may stop altogether.

Either update us, or at the very least I hope you plan to email those on the email list when this clears up. I will keep that subscription… for now.

Same here, wondering WTH happened?

I was able to have wine shipped to Ga on the last woot off. What happened? Also copa lovers, seems there is no 09 copa cab at their winery (Hahn) either.