Copa Del Rey Chilean Cabernet (6)

Copa Del Rey Chilean 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon 6-Pack
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2009 Copa Del Rey Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon
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so I am now 0-6 in the last few weeks…where is the love for shipping to Kansas???

Is there a limitless supply of this stuff??

They manufacture it to order.

consider yourself lucky you can’t buy this offer. :slight_smile:

and we have a winner of the Copa del Fred.

I bought this a couple of offerings ago and as some mentioned at the time, it does need to breathe. My friends and I usually pop and pour and I have to admit I didn’t enjoy the first bottle. However, I opened a bottle for myself last week and after running it through an aerator (Venturi) and actually letting it warm to the right temp, I really kind of enjoyed this. Give it air and serve at the proper temp and this turns into a pretty good deal.

Not the best right out of the wine cooler but definitely improves. Even better the next day.

It took nearly a month to receive a shipment of this item from the last Woot-off. It was NOT worth the wait.

Too funny :slight_smile: , didn’t check the community this morning

I like this wine. But, alas, no shipping to MI any more?

Brilliant thread folks! Hats off to noslenj for starting it. :slight_smile:

Copa Del Rey-peat!

It is said that the winemaker from Copa Del Rey can travel back in time and returns to the present with more Copa, thus creating an unlimited supply chain.

We like it.
nose: oak and fruit, tobacco
palate: black current and plum, higher tannins, but not too much. Fuller bodied, peppery
conclusion: nice cab, good with pasta
very nicely balanced finish.