Copa Del Rey Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon

Am I going nuts or did the wootoff bar just go in the wrong direction? (Of course, both may be true.)

I was just thinking the same thing but my judgement cannot be trusted with a bottle of wine down the gullet.

Both are true. I noticed it happen about 15 minutes ago.

Not sure if that means they have added more lots or if orders that were placed failed to completely process.

I’ve seen that happen before as well, but glad to see you are trying to make it shorter!

n41 Need a decent 9.99 drinker for guests. Thanks woot!

Figured I’d help plus have some wine I can open without feeling guilty that I can’t finish the bottle.

I was hoping to see some Jana Winery stuff, but looks like we may end the day with this one still available.

So, any thoughts on how long this Woot-off lasts? Will tonight be the end of it?

I hope it ends tonight. Multi-day woot.offs are really tough on sleep, wallet & available space.

Nah… My guess is that it will continue through Friday.

EDIT: see the flying monkey… I may have been wrong.

At this price I had to bite. My GF loves Cabs and the reviews I am seeing are saying it is worth the money, not great but not bad, ~$10 is right. I love woot offs even if I rarely bite, due to the large number of offers.

Multiple BOCs on woot and flying monkeys for sale (and an unexplained increase in the quantity of Copa). I am going to bed confident that the madness is over for now. If I am pleasantly surprised in the morning, then… I’ll be pleasantly surprised!

I think that’s it for tonight. This offer hasn’t budged. I was hoping for another woot or two before midnight, but it doesn’t look that way. Oh well.

Seriously. I’d be down for another round of their Chardonnay. That was delicious.