CoPilot Navigator 9 with Philips GPS Locator



BETTER than the last item atleast!

Super Fast Tracker


missed it. rats…

oh well, no matter where you go there you are !!


One comment?


I would like a Bag of Crap for Christmas, please!





i just got mine delivered today… installing discs now…


Got it, installed it, works like a dream.

12/4/2006 CoPilot Navigator 9 with Philips GPS Locator


Man this product went high has a much nice deal on many of these advertised products.


missed it. Anyone have one for sale?


Works great! And they shipped it quickly. A great deal for my first woot!


The navigation software works great! The software GPS driver won’t work with Netstumbler, though. At least I haven’t gotten it to work with it so far. It doesn’t create a virtual com port. I’m still stoked to have GPS! My first Woot, and likely not my last.


This thing will not work with Delorme Street Atlas or MS Streets and Trips and nothing else I have tried. Hope someone release drivers to make this thing useful.


Netstumbler will only work with a few GPS, Garmin for one


The GPS antenna that comes with Copilot Navigator 9 is prepriatory & works only with Copilot Software (all). You can get a Holux unit on Ebay that will work with Delorme, MS Streets & all Copilot software. All work with any NMEA compatable receiver. Copilot was originally designed for the Trucking industry, but all versions of Copilot Live Laptop are adapted to RVer’s & Autos. It is top dog in the GPS navagation software. Holux does have a USB Receiver that has a SiRF StarIII chipset (works with all above software).


Got it, installed it, tried it. Works great! Woot a deal!!


hoping to get this tomorrow. Still haven’t seen any change on my fedex tracking…


Me neither. Still says it’s in Texas with delivery tomorrow. Woot shipping could use some major improvements but what do you want for $5.


yeah, true dat


awww, rescheduled for the 20th now:(