OH! Thanks woot voters :smiley:


is it just me or do the navy shirt images look black? seems like before the “new” shirtwoot they were more blue looking on screen.

Agree with defiantone, I thought it was on black too, it looks awesome either way.
Great win Rasabi and a fun write up too :slight_smile:

Love the vintage look! Congrats :slight_smile:

Congratulations! This was another one I had to have.

It’s a dark blue but it’s definitely not black. :slight_smile:

The Port & Company blanks (the ones that replaced Anvil Blanks) have a very nice Navy blue shade. If you want a navy blue that is definitely not black, I’d go for this brand. I believe that’s the “Classic” tee shirt fit, not the tighter one. :slight_smile:

Congrats! not sarcastic

Thanks! I’d take either one!

ya’ll are making my head all funny with the circuitous color talk. Yes the shirt is blue. I have a P&C navy shirt. Point being, the image being used on site is practically indistinguishable from black. but whatevs.