Copper Moscow Mule Mugs - 3 Styles

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Copper Moscow Mule Mugs - 3 Styles
Price: $39.99 - 49.99
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Reviews on the Shiny Copper over at Overstock

Are there only 2 styles? The photos and description don’t show a 3rd.

If you are confused going forward, click “I want one”. It will take you to the page that will explain the variations (if there are any). With this, the third style is between hammered and smooth finish.

Unless it’s been updated… it definitely does. shiny and hammered are two and then the brass knuckles one is the third…

Are the handles welded or screwed in place?

I got one of these sweet mugs in my last BOC! Now I’m just looking for a Ushanka Hat and some mean Vodka to bring in the new year.

Just wanted to say I bought the brass knuckle version and I LOVE them! They are not nickel-lined on the inside. The handles are welded on. They are absolutely beautiful and I wish I had bought more as gifts for christmas. They come individually boxed and would have made great last-minute presents.

Not sure of the brand here, but the hammered version is the same price as the ORIGINAL MOSCOW MULE MUG over at the mother ship. Shipped free with prime. I purchased them and they are truly the originals.

Even a bit cheaper without prime from another seller.

I hope this is still the case. I just bought some. I do not like the nickel lined cups.

Buyer confirms what @gr8ball said; these are welded handles.

If the mugs are nickel lined, they are not true Moscow Mule mugs. They are supposed to be solid copper cups… everything copper!

Received my mugs the other day.
Much lighter in weight than I had expected. Also the handle color does not match the actual color of the mug. Distinct difference in color/shading.