CopperHead Roof Bike Rack

CopperHead Roof Bike Rack
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Yakima Bike Rack Page

so if my car has a roof rack on it already I still have to buy either the thule or yakima cross bar?

this should work with factory cross bars but you’ll need to buy special attachments that aren’t too pricey

Those of you that use this kind of carrier, do you like them? Are they pretty simple to use?

I have a Forester so I’m prepared to have to take my SUPER COOL AND HIP little folding step stool thing with me if needed to reach easier. Just wondering, though, if they’re pretty user-friendly. What I’d really like is a hitch mount but no money to have a hitch installed.

I bought this at full retail – it’s a good item. I took it from Atlanta to Savannah (~4hr drive) and that thing was nice and snug. It’s very simple and holds on tight. I felt really confident there and back with my bike on the roof.

Like any roof-mounted rack, it takes a bit of work to get it up there. My car is lowered so that helps since I’m short. If my car was at stock height I’d probably need a stool or a second set of hands (I’m 5’6"). The nice thing is that once you get the front fork things where they are supposed to go, you can hold it with one hand and start tightening things down. As long as you are comfortable lifting your bike above your head, you’ll be fine, I’m not particularly strong/healthy/etc so assuming the bikes aren’t heavy, the average person should be fine. It will be awkward the first few times you try it though.

Here’s what it looked like on my car:

Is this compatible with Universal MightyMounts? I need the mounts to connect to my factory roof rack on my 98 4runner, which the Copperhed cannot directly connect to.