CordaRoy's Chenille Bean Bag Chair

Watched the video and wanted to see the guy lay on it as a mattress. I wonder if you just bottom out. Seems like there wouldn’t be much support. Anyone try this as a mattress?

Each of my five kids has one in their rooms for sleepovers and we have the sofa (two kings size in one bag) plus two footstools. Needless to say we love love love them! I weigh 300lbs, and still fInd them incredibly comfortable in both chair and bed form.

A few people complained about bottoming out however they said they contacted the vendor and received some more foam for free to resolve the issue.

I have had two full size bean bags for about fifteen years now and they are wonderful. I take them camping and even toss one in my car for drive inn movies (the stuffing makes them perfect for fitting in odd areas). The only recomendation I have besides getting the free extra stuffing is to get the mattress protector in case of rain, child with leaky bladder.

I have already bought for children. it is easy to use. It is good for camping or recreational trips.

Not sure if I’m completely missing it, but is there a way to see what the price was for sold out items?

No we don’t have that available after it’s sold out, but the Full size went for $159.99 and the Queen went for $189.99 at the time of the sale.

excellent customer service at the cordaroys company!