Cordless Lighted Power Precision Screwdriver

Cordless Lighted Power Precision Screwdriver

Price increased by a dollar since the last time it was listed ($16.99) and they sell them at home depot’s website for $18.97 all day.

Works really well as long as the battery in it is good.

Home Depot lists this lighted screwdriver for $26.07, $18.97 for the non lighted version. All day.


They were both $18.97 at the time that I posted it. Originally I found the non-light version and noticed the Woot one had a light, so I wasn’t going to make the post, but then I found the lighted version was the same price. It is not now though.

I should have learned for around $20 this would have the speed of turning-a-screw-on-a-Sunday-morning-just-killing-time or making a 1 hour job into an 8 hour work day :confused: