Core Bamboo 15” Placemat-Set of 4

I really like these, but my kitchen table is too small for 15" placemats :frowning:

No, no, no Woot! I want the Core bamboo BOWLS, not placemats. Try again please.

I bought some of these as gifts and liked them, so am keeping a pack for myself. Much better price if you’ve already unlocked free shipping :wink:

I got some a while back. They’re well-made, sturdy things and the colors in these pictures are pretty accurate.

15" is large, though. I can’t store them in the same place I usually keep placemats. That said, they’re big enough to use under other things to protect tables, etc.

I really want one of those, too-but my luck is awful. If I’m around, they aren’t. I may have jinxed you. :frowning:

If I go away, maybe they’ll show up…

do Bags of Crap pop up on home!, sports! or other tabs? or just woot!