Core Bamboo 15” Placemat-Set of 4

I purchased two sets and love them. These are very sturdy because of the bamboo and the colors are vivid. Only precaution is to look at how big 15" is on your table. My large table seats eight but only fits six of these bad boys.

Normally $72? Really???

I bit. We’ve got these hideous rainbow placemats straight out of the 80s. Trash can here we come!

Actually on their website it’s $60, but take that with a grain of salt.

Too many colors. Dont even know which one to buy tho

As mentioned above, these are really big. My dining room table, which would seat 8 if I had 2 extra chairs, will also only accommodate 6 placemats. Ordered 2 more sets today for the kitchen table, but chances are since that only seats 6 I may have gotten away with ordering only 1 set (for 4). Too bad I had to order a different color today, but I also use them for semi-hot pads in the middle of the table. Very nice quality.

are these cork-like?

No. They are very stiff as they are made of bamboo.

What is with Woot and the woven plants today?

bought these a few weeks ago - they’re great. Just ordered more today.

Just got the mocha ones. Pretty disappointed in the color. They are much lighter than what was shown. They are much closer to what I thought the cinnamon would look like.

I ordered two sets of the placemats so I would have a setting for 8. One order is fine but the second set was torn open from the shrink wrap and a piece of the bamboo broken off from the side of one of the placemats.

Not please with this purchase.

Sorry for the problems with the second set. Please email so they can help you.