Core Bamboo 16-Pc Drawer Organizer Set



Gorgeous set, however I don’t think they would be very good at organizing my shirt.woot collection :frowning:


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I know it’s not Rod’s house, since he sold it a few months ago. That is, unless the NEW owners put it up for sale AGAIN.


I don’t understand how these can slide atop one another if they are stacked. From the picture, they clearly fit inside the rim of the lower box.

Further, is there any way that these can get locked together? If I use them in a drawer, it looks like everything will just slide around and come apart.


I think they only slide if you stack a smaller one atop a larger one (e.g., a 6" square on a 6" x 9" rectangle, as shown in the rear right side of the first picture).

It certainly does not appear that they can be locked together. Perhaps a non-slip drawer liner would help, but I doubt it would stay as neat and tidy as the statically arranged flatware in the third picture.


These would not be good for my junk drawer. After all, the appeal of a junk drawer is the mess and the challenge of finding one last AA battery for your remote.


These are prettier than the cheap plastic drawer organizers I can pick up @$1/pack at Dollar Tree (maybe $5-$10 to match the quantities of all the sizes here) - but why would I want to spend 5-10 times as much to organize my kitchen’s silverware, utensil & junk drawers?


These look exactly like the ones I saw in an organizing magazine a few weeks ago that inspired me to re-organize my entire kitchen. Not sure if they will fit double stacked in my drawers, I will have to check. I have used the plastic ones before too but not in the kitchen. I’ll have to see which fit into my budget. I have the Core knife blocks, so these would match, which would be a nice bonus. They would also go with the wood insets in the top drawer in my dining room set - the rest of those drawers are in some serious need of organization.


I only have the utensil ones because out first home the kitchen “utensil” drawer was very narrow. Three of these were the only thing that would fit. If you stack them on top of each other they lock they do not slide if they are the same size. The only way to lock them together side by side would be to glue, screw or something else. They also do not slide a whole lot in the drawer we have now because of their weight. But of course unless the entire drawer is filled with these they will slide some. The house we are in now, the few I have are not really worth it because they do slide around and I have more utensils now. They do hold up very well they look the same as they did when I bought them 8 years ago.


Would be nice to have sit out on pc desk (old school big pc no laptop)holding all the stuff like pens, papernotes, or other things that end up on desks for no reason but to get in your way.
Better idea bathroom counter with his stuff and a few of her stuff in it (or her and her or him and him) looks better then a mess on counter and if nailpolish spills not on marble (or cheap counter)spill stays in box.


I am in for one. As it should keep me from having to build a custom junk drawer organizer by hand, which had been planned.

Had to do some searching on Core’s website under just “drawer” in order to find the individual components, but it appears that the depth on these is 2 inches.


what magazine?


I saw the look a likes in Storage magazine (Better Homes and Gardens Special). They advise to remove everything from your drawer before you buy an organizing product so you’re sure you “junk n stuff” will fit in the new containers. Great deal compared to an individual purchase from The Container Store.


Yup, that’s the magazine I saw. It taunted me from the checkout on New Year’s Day at BJ’s and I spent the rest of my day cleaning out all of my cupboards and my pantry. I’ve done my drawers before but without something like this they are still a jumbled mess, just with less stuff. My only hesitation is whether these pieces are the sizes that I will really need.


These are also sold individually at The Container Store and can be found easily by typing “Stackable Bamboo Drawer Organizers” into the search bar. They have fairly high reviews of these on their website.


Core Bamboo has a picture on their site that shows one way that these organizers have been used.


I have these in my bathroom drawer, and glued them together in the orientation I liked to keep them in place. I then used these ikea doorstops to fill the remaining space in the drawer. Works great!


Are they hard to keep clean and sanitary?


You can just wash them with soap and water like you would any other bamboo product. Just don’t soak them or put them in the dishwasher.


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