Core Bamboo 16-Pc Drawer Organizer Set

You know somewhere you have a drawer full of junk, may as well organize it. Great how they come in many different sizes so you can mix and match, they also appear to be stackable!

Can any owners rate the sliding action? Is it smooth?

was sold in the last woot-off (1/23) and got zero comments. It got more love when it was offered on 1/14/13

You can get directly from core website and you can buy what you need and isn’t much more money, better than getting this set with ones you don’t use

They are well-made. They only slide if the upper one is smaller than the lower one, because the rim goes all the way around.

I bought this set last time they were here. I love them. I have some in my kitchen drawer for silverware,some in the bathroom for hair stuff, and some I am using for craft supplies. They are great to get things organized.

I also bought this last time. All the pieces are in use. But be warned, all the pieces are on the small side, including the biggest ones. There was a photo with one of them holding serving spoons–no way will they hold any long utensils. Still glad I have them.

Yes, it’s smooth. I like them a LOT. In fact, I have them on top of dressers to collect change and hold glasses (so they don’t scratch the dresser) as well as in my sock & undergarment drawers. I recommend that you line your drawers with non-slip mesh grip vinyl/rubber drawer liner which will keep them solidly in place.

Idea: If you get them home and want the sliding action to be smoother, try taking a dry bar of soap and rubbing the bottom edges of whichever one(s) will be ‘sliding’. Or you could even use a block of wax to do the same thing. Either one should make them slide smoother.

One Set will do several smaller drawers! its a great value! too great for me to pass up a 3rd time!

Bought a set last time it was offered. These are super sweet. They look great, and they make your kitchen drawers much more useful. Getting another today.

Not much more? It’s WAY more to get them from Core.

These average out to about $2.50 each, compared to $5-9 each from their site depending on size.