Core Bamboo 16-Pc Drawer Organizer Set

**Item: **Core Bamboo 16-Pc Drawer Organizer Set
Price: $39.99
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According to This thread, these are too small for long utensils, but they work great for pretty much every thing else.

Users report the sliders being smooth, and the drawers themselves as being very useful (not just for use in the kitchen). One set is enough to organize a few drawers.

Check the box lengths. There are four 6-inch and four 9-inch boxes.

I use these boxes for utensils, and they are awesome. During any sort of gathering, I can pull out forks and set them next to the birthday cake (or whatever). And they maximize drawer space over the all-in-one plastic organizers because every tray is meeting a specific use.

I have forks and spoons in the 9" boxes (including kid-size forks and spoons that could fit in 6" boxes if I owned any). Large spoons and all knives go into two 6x9 boxes.

I’d say the only issue is whether this set has the right combination of boxes for you. If you don’t have kid utensils, it’s probably fine.

You’ll want a non-skid drawer liner, because the individual boxes do move toward the back of the drawer over time. Or you could place a spacer at the back of the drawer to stop the slow crawl.