Core Bamboo 2pc Tray Set



wow, i wouldn’t think they would be a hundred bucks before the sale.


I like them, but…nah!


ahhhh finally, something to store those Tapas plates and mugs and pitcher in


I think they would go well with the 12 bamboo bowls I now have. I bought 4 of the core bowls a while ago and I am very pleased. So I got 8 more bowls during this wootoff.


I keep my electric kettle, coffee press, creamer/sugar, and Ingenuitea on a thick butcher block cutting board now. When I want to use that board I have to take everything off. Now I won’t have to, and I can actually serve people in another room. Except I don’t have any friends, because this is what I do with my spare time. Sit on Home.woot and buy bamboo trays.


I am a big Core Bamboo fan, but woven (i.e. not fun to clean)…nah. NEXT!


lol I’m laughing too hard from this, it applies to me as well. Also going to use one of these trays for that, very good idea.


Your username rocks.


why, thank you.

yours is divine


I got orange ones in a previous woot offering. I really love them. They are a lot bigger than I thought (no I didn’t read the description) and they are nice and sturdy.

We eat outside a lot in the summer, and they are great for carting things in and out.

I haven’t had to clean mine yet, so I can’t comment on that.


OK folks, I took one for the team and purchased a set. The remaining number went from 30% to 20%. SO WILL SOMEONE BUY THE LAST FREAKIN’ TWO SETS AND WE CAN ALL MOVE ON!


Think these would work for doing small jigsaw puzzles on while watching TV?


Damn, I wanted one, but took too long to apply the coupon code.