Core Bamboo 3pc Cutting Board Set

Yup, that’s the one. I had a set quite similar to that one and in spite of quickly drying after use, they all warped and split.

I have one of the larger Core boards I bought from Woot earlier in the year and I love it.
I had use a bit of Gorilla Glue yesterday to reattach an edge that was in the process of splitting. The separating really surprised me as the board has NEVER been soaked and due to its size, it gets much less use than our other boards.
Other than that small issue, the Core boards are darned sturdy.

The manufacturer suggests the product be, “…periodically coated with mineral oil to bring out the beautiful grain of the bamboo.” I would suspect that would only help the splitting problem also. Just guessing though.

I just bought one 1/2 an hour ago and after reading this post and all the other positive post I’m getting another set.

Just my 2 cents , (Make that a penny).

I keep a spray bottle with a small amount of bleach mixed with water on my kitchen counter (clearly marked). Any time I am cutting raw meat in volume on my cutting board. The last thing I do after cleaning up is to spray down the cutting board and work area with it.

NOTE: A small amount of bleach is all that’s needed. Couple of cap fulls, the stuff is strong.

You know, oiling it very well could help. I don’t think I’ve used the board more than 15 times since it arrived. As it’s been used to slice loaves of bread and other fairly dry items, it looks almost new (other than the now repaired split) and I HAVE neglected to oil it. It just sits in my bamboo rack looking pretty.

BB&B has a 3-piece Core set that is slightly larger for $19.99:

Their small is 8x10 (vs. 8x6 here), their medium is 10x13 (vs. 12x9), but the large is very similar (12x16 vs. 15x11.5). The BB&B set also has a groove around the edge - not sure what the function of that is, but it probably makes the cutting area smaller (more like the size of this set) and is likely a pain to clean. Plus no holes if you want to hang them.

Core Bamboo 3-Piece Cutting Board Set - Prices Compared

Today’s Woot = $9.99 + $5 shipping

Kohls = $27.30 + shipping extra. *link to shipping estimate broken so I could not get cost. = $24.99 + $9 shipping
Rakuten: Shop. Get Cash Back. Repeat.

ebay = $21.88 + ships free
*[MOD: The largest cutting board in this set is smaller than the large board in our set.] *

Amazon = $14.99 + ships free
*[MOD: The largest cutting board in this set is smaller than the large board in our set.] *

Today’s Woot Wins Big as the Mods have pointed out the ebay and amazon sets are not the same. I guess I need more sleep than I need another turkey sandwich. Sorry for the error.
**[MOD: They are two different sets. See above.] **

I used a random Google search in order to find comparison prices and I have made a good faith effort to do so impartially. However, the Web is a huge place and your own Web search may discover prices that may be below the prices I have found. The corrections the Mods point out are exactly why I post the disclaimer. Sorry for the confusion I may have caused.

Me too. 10:1 (water:bleach) is the generally agreed upon ratio.

As someone had already pointed out - the set sold on Amazon is not the same size than the set Woot is selling.

Note that the set sold here is not the same on Amazon though.

Measurements here:

Small Cutting Board: L 8" x W 6" x H .33"
Medium Cutting Board: L 12" x W 9" x H .33"
Large Cutting Board: L 15" x W 11.5" x H .33"

Measurements on Amazon:

measures 8 by 6 by 0.4
11 by 8.5 by 0.4
13 by 9-1/2 by 0.4-inch

Pass, I prefer sharp knives. I have a nice sharpener, but I don’t want to have to grind my knives more than needed. A softer wood board is a much better choice. I’ve paid too much for my knives to have them wear faster due to saving a few bucks. I’ll stick with a boos block

The larger member of the set makes a good lap desk. i use the smaller one for a mouse pad. They’ve never made it into the kitchen. :slight_smile:

Awesome! I’ve been hoping to replace my sketchy old wooden cutting board soon, this is the perfect opportunity.

Not recommended. This is one of the flimsiest cutting board you’ll find. Sure it’s aesthetically pleasing to look at but it will split/crack easily. Don’t bother with this thin bamboo cutting board.

My sister just added that Amazon set to her wishlist, but I went with the Woot deal for her.

I personally use a bamboo cutting board for bread and cheese only (because they’re super easy to clean off) and use plastic ones that I can toss in the dishwasher for other stuff. Safest way to do it? Maybe not, but works for me psychologically.

You of course are correct and it is easy to miss. Thank you for pointing it out and the correction is being made right now. Thanks again.

I use mineral oil on all my wooden utensils and cutting boards to help prevent them from drying out and cracking. I’m sure, even tho this isn’t a “wood” it would help prevent it from drying out and cracking or separating.

Wow! Talk about fast shipping, delivered today. According to the tracking info it was delivered to the post office today, and made it all the way to my door in just a few hours! Must be shipped from around here!

I received mine today…and the larger board was cracked in 1/2…