Core Bamboo 4 Modern Round Bowl Set

I love these bowls.

The need to hand wash these makes them not something I want.

I have the salad bowl but am not willing to pay $18.00 for these. Maybe $8.

Alright, who took my cherry?

I purchased the teal, my second choice. I LOVE these bowls! And this is such a great price. Bring on more Core Bamboo products!

The Core Bamboo items I have bought on Woot are beautiful and functional and are an amazing value through Woot!

I love these bowls; they are a breeze to wash and look great after several months of use.

Its just a sink full of hot water and soap - you can do it!

I bought 3 sets. Then I noticed you have to hand wash them. X( Hope my cancellation goes through.

They look nice and I already hand-wash everything, but I’m cheap. At that price I’ll just grab some plastic bowls from Target…maybe if they were a few bucks less.

Pretty sure I bought these yesterday during the woot-off. No, definately sure.

These look nice, and I have the trays from this company. Very pretty. Almost bought these until…

6 inches diameter?! 2.5 inches high?! TINY!

I’ve got two sets of these, and they are the last ones we use. Not only do you have to wash by hand, but if they are in the sink and an inch of water gets left in the bottom, they swell

I totally agree

Can these go in the microwave?