Core Bamboo 4 Shallow Bowl Set

I think everyone needs 3 sets of these. Run!

These bowls are great for dinner salads - and look great!

They’re so shallow, they think the MTV Music Awards award classical music scores.

What colors do they come in?

just in time! My husband looked at me sheepishly last night as he was unloading the dishwasher with me, and said… oops, I didn’t know these (my last set) could go in here… as he held up a tangled mess of clean hay… Now he won’t feel bad, I get new bowls and he’ll probably never help with the kitchen again… that is the downside

Click on the “I want one” button and you will see, from the drop down menu, which colors were sold and which colors are still available.

He did it on purpose. Guys are smart like that. Mine isn’t allowed to do laundry anymore. Worked out well for him.

Bill Cosby calls this the genius of the male species.

and teenagers too!