Core Bamboo Bundle



So far I have enjoyed my Core bamboo trays, cutting board and bowls. This seems like it will be great for a young person recently starting out, so I’m in.


Yes! These are great! You just need to make sure you dry these quickly to make sure they don’t warp. Bamboo is great!


Awww… the monthly wootletter had me thinking today was going to be a woot-off.


I have just the cutting boards and found them very flimsy. Don’t use them for any heavy duty. I cracked one smashing garlic cloves with my knife.


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I love all of my core bamboo stuff. The bowls, utensils and cutting board are used daily and haven’t warped or gotten weird at all.

Now to talk myself into or out of this set. I really could use those cutting boards, but already have a backup set of utensils… What to do…

NEXT Tuesday…




Will the bamboo spoons get stained in spaghetti sauce?

I also don’t see any tongs as the description says.


I would treat them like most other wooden spoons. If you care for them, clean them relatively quickly and don’t let them “hang out” in the saucepan, I don’t think they will stain. I don’t have any stains on any of my bamboo utensils - from this or any other company.


Checking on the tongs but I don’t think they’re in the set judging by the pic and the list “In the box”.

UPDATE: Tongs has been removed from the features list. There are no tongs. Sorry.


I also see no tongs. Sad…


The boards are very thin and are only appropriate for cutting. Do not chop heavily on them, i.e with a meat cleaver. Light mincing is fine.


While bamboo is more water/liquid-resistant than wood, my guess is that it can stain. Even non-porous plastic can be stained by tomato sauce with long exposure or high heat.


Yeah, unlike solid wood boards, bamboo boards are made by gluing strips of bamboo. That makes thinner ones prone to splitting and cracking.

For my money, plastic is still the best surface for hygienic, maintenance, affordability and knife-friendly reasons. Wood-defenders will often cite a study showing that that less bacteria survive on wood but that study is flawed and its results should not be used outside of a lab.


You can double up on utensils, groupon goods has a 14 piece utensil set (including tongs) for 19 bucks with free shipping.


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Really?! I’ve never had to dry any of my bamboo. That’s why I prefer it over wood. I just wash it, then put it in a stand next to my stove, without drying. I’ve had them going on several years now and no warps, splits or anything.

So does today’s Woot warp? If so, I’m out on this one.


I can’t vouch for this bamboo (I don’t know how thick it is or anything). However, I have a set of my own that’s very sturdy. I use tomato sauce in some sort of recipe 2-3 times per week and I only use bamboo when I cook.

They stain at first (like plastic leftover containers) but after I throw them in the dishwasher, they come out looking like they did before I used them. Though sometimes after just a rinse the sauce comes right off.

It really depends on how long I cooked it. I have some sauces that I cook several hours and have to stir every few minutes. That kind of thing.

Anyway, none of them stain.


Description of this set says “hand wash only.” Leaves me out; part of what I like about my bamboo spoons is the ability to put them in the dishwasher.