Core Bamboo Butcher Block with Prep Bowls

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Core Bamboo Butcher Block with Prep Bowls
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Product website: temporarily unavailable, $225?!

Mandy’s shocked.
4 good reviews at Amazon (via Wayfair): $117.66

Let’s learn more about the care and use of your new board and Cofre Bamboo answers the question Why bamboo?

Prep bowls: Pro - they make it easier to get the last bit of food off of the cutting board without spilling it

Con: Anything I cut up is gonna take up more space than the bowls, so using them for separate ingredients probably wouldn’t work for me

I’m thinking of using it more as a serving tray for appetizers. You can put dips in the bowls and use the cutting surface for bread, cheeses and salami, etc.

^^^^^^ This ^^^^^^
I cannot think of anything I chop that would require a full size cutting board AND have a use for those small prep bowls.

I just bought this board and have high hopes for it. Loving the idea to include prep bowls as I tend to mince everything rather than chop and now I can tilt the board slightly to retain the juices as they cascade into the bowl.

Liga66 has a great idea above as well. I’ll have to try it as a serving platter.

Rule #1: Don’t let your roommate use the cutting board as you walk out the door to work, only to find out he put the cutting board in the dishwasher because he was too lazy to clean it properly. You KNOW he’s going to sit there and tell you it was TOTALLY warped before he even used it.

-______-; .oO(I live with a dipstick of a roommate. If he didn’t have a wife and kid, I’d have kicked him out by now.)

I prefer teak.

Suggestion: Measure the board dimensions out on a piece of paper.

Had I done that, I would not have ended up with a collection of tiny little cutting boards from the last Woot bamboo cutting board sale.

Does anyone know if woot! still sells Barrels of Crackers? I didn’t see one in the last woot!-off… and haven’t seen one in a while.

I see people posting about they chop more than the cups will hold.
Do we know how much they will hold? Did I miss something. They do look on the small side, but it’s hard to tell in a picture.
If we could get actual bowl capacity that would be great.

Warping would be the best outcome. More likely is the glue would dissolve, leaving you with small strips and blocks of bamboo.

I like the serving tray idea but already got married so we have half a dozen Thoughtful Wedding Gifts that serve that purpose.

And I’d probably want to remove the feet. 1) I have issues with finding enough counter space, so one foot would be hanging off the edge of the counter, so the whole thing would be tippy. And B) I’d want to chop on both sides of the board. One side for garlicky stuff, then flip it over to slice a lime for my cocktail.

Ballpark: It’s 16 inches wide, so those look to be maybe 4 inches across, call it 3.5. The overall height of the board including feet is 2.25", so the board itself looks like 1.75". Maybe the cups are 1.5"? That makes 3.5x1.5=14.4 cubic inches, which is 8 fluid ounces, or: one cup.

I just want to give this post a hug.

Am I the only one that laughed at the MSRP of $150?


nice try woot, nice try

“Great, I only needed a prep bowl large enough for my 2 strawberries!”

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Best * Post * Ever.