Core Bamboo Butcher Block with Prep Bowls

Doesn’t seem worth that much more than this Ikea one if you ask me:

Let’s learn all about the care and use of your new board and let Core Bamboo answer the question, “why bamboo?”


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Wayfair has a couple of good reviews

The one @ Ikea is much thiner, twice as thin, makes huge! difference. Also it is smaller than this one.
Only if this one didn’t have these prep bowls…

A friend of mine purchased this the last time it was on a Woot sale and gave it to me as a gift. My wife and I love it. It’s very high quality construction, the size is great for chopping or working with multiple items even if you don’t want things to mix/touch, and the cutouts for the metal dishes are perfectly done.

The only warning I would give is that because the board is so large in size, it may be difficult to find a standard cupboard or storage location where it will fit nicely. In the grand scheme of cutting boards, though, that minor inconvenience is more than made up for.

I bought this cutting board with prep bowls from another website. While the cutting board is decent, the prep bowls are very thin and cheaply made. In fact, every prep bowl that came with the cutting board was dented. I would suggest buyers pass on this item.

I bought this from Woot when it was offered last month, and couldn’t be happier. And regarding the prep bowls - all of mine were in perfect shape, and even resisted denting when I dropped one of them on the floor. Maybe your item from the other website was substandard. Either way, this was a great buy and very worth the price.

Maybe it ws the way the other site does business. Woot’s bowls will surely be dent free!

You’re probably right. And don’t call me Shirley!

Bought this a year ago or so. Love it.

No problems with bowls.

Everyone that comes over gives me props and asks where I got it.

I got this a couple weeks ago as a gift to my wife. It was HUGE! Muche larger than i expected. We just don’t have the counter space for such a large cutting board, so it immediately went into storage. Maybe we will give it as a gift this christmas?

We love this cutting board as well! It is huge, and the only problem is that once it arrived, we found out that our countertops are not actually true/level. Currently we have a paper bag from the Chinese food restaurant propping up one of the corner feet. Will be looking for new countertops on woot also next!

I bought this when it was last up on Woot. We absolutely love it. The prep bowls are terrific - so convenient for all the chopping we do - and the board is large. Love the little feet that raise it above the counter, too. I highly recommend it.

I JUST saw these on Simply Ming (cooking show on PBS) last night and the wife said they looked great and we should look into them… great timing Woot!
Bamboo has drawbacks… about to reglue one of mine for the 3rd time… but it’s renewable and should be inexpensive. (if you pay more for Bamboo than maple you’re shopping in the wrong stores!)

Every professional cook and cooking instruction says to get as big a board as you can fit. If you have the counter space it can live right where you use it.

Things aren’t always as they seem. :slight_smile:

CORE Board:

Overall Dimensions: 22"x16.5"x2.2"

IKEA Board(00233429):

Length: 17 ¾ "
Width: 14 ¼ "
Thickness: 1 ¼ "

I also bought this cutting board last month. I think it’s as great as everyone is saying it is. But you do need to make sure that you have the space for it. Fortunately, I do. :wink:

Thanks WOOT!!!

I bought this for the wife during the last offering on woot. We LOVE it! It is very big, making storage a problem. I’m actually going to pick up some picture frame hardware (two eyelets with a metal cable that goes across the back) and will be hanging this from the side of the countertop for storage.

We just used it last night for taco night. Cutting onions, green peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, and jalapenos was a piece of cake with room for everything after using the prep bowls.

Two thumbs up from me!

My son sent this to me last month as a gift. I absolutely looooovvveeee it!!! It is large, but it lives on my counter by the sink. Just perfect and great deal for a board so large. Love the little prep bowls also. Awesome product. Getting one for a gift this time around!

This board is the best chop block I’ve ever bought. Thick, heavy, solid footing, generous prep bowls I use it for everything. Only thing I could think to add would be a juice channel around the perimeter. I LOVE THIS BOARD!