Core Bamboo Pinstripe Cutting Board Set

I wouldn’t use any wooden (okay technically bamboo is a grass) cutting board for meat, but I have two that I love for slicing homemade bread. No bread basket needed, just bring the pretty board to the table.

I agree, cutting meat on any type of wooden surface is a bad idea. But I got the same bamboo set just before Christmas and before my first use the narrow part by the hole had split on two of the boards. It’s a decent set but I’m not overtly impressed with the quality.

Don’t really care for bamboo cutting boards. I think they dull my knives, they smell funny when wet, and after long use, mine are beginning to warp. Other than that, it’s a great product! And you can’t beat that price!

In for one set. My plastic cutting board accidentally got a little melted in the oven, don’t ask, and since you can’t beat the price on these I figured I’d give them a shot. Hope they turn out!

Been cutting meat on wooden cutting boards for over 35 years. No problems.