Core Bamboo Solid Cutting Board Set

I just bought a set of these, along with a (much) larger bamboo cutting board from Woot. FWIW - they seem like decent cutting boards.

(I don’t know how excited cutting boards can be…)

Bought this set just a few weeks ago on woot! Some people have complained about the thickness (or lack thereof) but I think they’re a good size. They fit neatly in my cabinet without taking up half the space. No dulling of my knives, just follow the directions. Hand wash and towel dry!

got a set to use with some ceramic knives I have. Seems like a good enough deal. I have seen the large ones alone for more than this in stores.

And about once a month, rub with mineral oil to prevent the wood from drying out. I have a pair of bamboo cutting boards that I love that have lasted for years and years…

Love mine, just dont put anything hot on them. Probably my stupid brain not working right but i put a hot pot on one of mine and it warped it h e double hockey sticks and back.

Not smooth across the top . . . then again, for all I know, they’re not supposed to be.

I love these - use them almost every day. Even nice looking enough to use as a small platter for serving cheese and crackers, etc.

I bought a set a few weeks back and the largest of the three came cracked. Woot made it right, though, so it isn’t an issue. I love the thinness because they aren’t so heavy and hard to use. I second the mineral oil recommendation.

These are good boards. Bought them last time they were on here. Much better than plastic. Wash off easily. The smallest one isn’t particularly useful, even for slicing small stuff like limes/lemons for drinks. But the other two are perfectly fine.