Core Bamboo Your Choice Cutting Boards

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Core Bamboo Your Choice Cutting Boards
$9.99 + $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Wow. That was the most depressing description of a bamboo-related product I’ve ever read.

Umm in reading the specifications and the description, I can tell they are not thick enough for me to purchase (they try to cast the thinness of these cutting boards as an advantage! GIVE ME A BREAK!) Just how thin are they?

Oh, and a whole 90 day warranty! What is with that?

I have two of these boards that I have bought through Woot in the past and I am obsessed with them!

I have one of the XL ones that is absolutely gigantic and the smallest one that is the perfect size for veggies or anything quick.

They are plenty thick, as was the concern above, and more than durable.

I just bought the set of three and I can’t WAIT to get them!

the XL boards are just under 1 inch in thickness @ .75 picked up last woot, so far so good, granted its only been a couple of weeks. these are cutting boards, not chopping blocks

nice wood!

These cutting boards are very thin and cheaply put together. I bought a set and dropped the large board (about 3ft) and it broke in half. The finish is not as smooth as other bamboo cutting boards I’ve used but they work fine for small items. Definitely not built for heavy use.

I’m in for three sets of the solid three set kit! I know they aren’t the best cutting boards ever invented but for this price they are damn good. Hopefully I won’t drop any and they will last me a long time.

Yes very thin. Breaks easy.

Hand wash? Ugh. None for me, thanks.

I bought these just before xmas and was going to keep them for myself after they arrived and I got to look at them I realized this is not what I need “bam instant gift”. They were nice looking but were too thin and even the large was not as large as I needed. Looked nice, smelled nice, nice price…great gift but not for me! I was looking to be excited and instead was…BOARD!

You should never put anything wooden or bamboo in the dishwasher. Yes, I know people do it all the time and have for years. I used to do it, too. But the extreme heat of the dishwasher + absolutely soaking it eventually equals splintering, splitting, or warping. Not to mention it could soak up some of that chemical goodness of the harsh detergent–great for dried lasagna, not so great for an organic, porous material. Plus, it will take a long time to dry, and…gross.

Great price but these things are junk. 2 of the 3 split right down the middle after one day of use. krapola

I love these boards. I use them for cutting and on the table to hold hot pots or pans. I hand wash and air dry. I’ve never oiled them and none have cracked or chipped. I have the three pack of boards and the one XL board.

Hey! I have some love for the boards! i have one and it is working out just fine for my chopping needs and looks nice on my counter!

I bought some and regret it. It’s such a slow surface to cut on. It feels like you’re cutting on mud.

Bought some as a gift and for myself. Not bad for the price, but Ive already had my big board split in half after getting wet and lightly handling it.

you get what you pay for. not bad but not great

For those looking to use these with the Shun knives that have been selling here recently (or other higher end cutlery), I’d advise staying away. The resins that fill and hold bamboo boards together along with the side grain are really hard on knife edges. It’s maybe no big deal if you have cheap knives and are just steeling them regularly, but if you’ve got over $100 in your knife and would like to see that keen edge retained much longer before it needs to be put to the stones again, you’d be doing yourself a favor looking into a decent end-grain board.

I bought two sets of these before Christmas from woot to give to my husband and mom. They both LOVE them. They noted that not only are these cutting boards, but they make excellent serving trays for cheese, crackers, etc. Excellently quality and beautiful wood coloring!