Core Elite E400 Trimmer

I own and used this for 3 years. This is truly a professional quality trimmer.

Excellent power, balance and durability.

Only shortcoming is the one battery… run out of juice and youre looking at a couple hours downtime to recharge. Spare batteries are expensive.

Otherwise, this beats any battery powered trimmer at the big box stores, imo.

Is this battery interchangeable with the hedge trimmer also offered?

The batteries are not interchangeable between the two.

They seem to use the same power cell on Amazon ??!

I received the trimmer today. Wow! huge box, completely assembled. Batter charger is a huge two port charger.

I didn’t trim any grass yet but I noticed the trigger switch is on/off.

I wish it was variable like a gas trimmer but I suspect that would add a lot to the cost and complexity.

Anyway, this machine looks like a very professional unit and I hope it will outlast the gas trimmer it replaces.