Core Power Lok Kit and Accessories

Has anyone had any experience with these? I’m wondering how long the batteries tend to last after a full charge…

This isn’t exactly a great deal, based on price alone, as you can get the same tools from a known brand (for which you can get replacement batteries and parts) for the same price. I’d look elsewhere.

This company is owned by MTD which makes Club Cadet and other brands, which are pretty good. If these work as designed they seem to be breakthru motor technology. Replacing heavy windings with a printed circuit.

I am confused as to how to order the drive unit and the hedge trimmer only. The blower is said to be not very powerful.

You can use the drop-down menu to select the model you want (one at a time) and add them to your cart.

as these first came out several years ago - do we have any idea the manufacture date on these batches as it relates to the possible shorter than normal battery life of a unit made in 2013 or so versus 2016 or even 2015

would also be nice to be able to purchase a larger quantity. looking for two power heads plus hedge and string
that really shouldnt be 4 units but 2 units pf three and then 1 of 3 twice

looking at warranty…
it is also worth noting the power cell has a 1yr only warranty covering defects. batteries are $129 so that’s very costly if there is a failure.

Per the vendor: *These units were manufactured prior to 2013. We are not aware of any change in the Battery specification for units manufactured after that time period.

The original MSRP on the CPU 400 Drive unit was $199.00 and the Woot Sale price is $89.00 This unit contains a Power Cell and charger so it would be cheaper to just buy another Drive unit. That way you would have 2 power cells and two chargers and a backup drive unit.*

As for the quantity, you could see if you have a friend or family member willing to place another order for you.