Core Wine Santa Barbara Reds (4)

Core Wine Santa Barbara Reds (4)
$69.99 $̶1̶4̶9̶.̶0̶0̶ 53% off List Price
2008 Core Grenache Reserve, Santa Barbara County
2006 C3 Crazy Eights Tempranillo
2006 Ground Around Red Blend
2008 C3 Tempranillo Reserve
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sounds yum… is it?

I bought the selection of Core wines that was sold on in October of 2012 and just want to say that I was not pleased. I have opened 3 of the 4 bottles so far, all drunk with friends, and I am sorry to say nobody wanted to finish their glass. The selection of wines was very similar to that sold today (it included the grenache, tempranillo, and the Ground Around). The writeups sound wonderful, the wines win awards, the labels are beautiful. This is just one person’s opinion, but I would certainly not buy wines from this winery again. I know wine appreciation is completely subjective, but I did want to say that my friends and I, who enjoy a nice glass of wine now and then and have pretty mainstream taste in wines, really did not like these wines.

I purchased the same pack as the previous poster and have a completely different opinion. Every one we enjoyed with either a nice pizza or an Italian meal. Went perfectly with these dishes. If you’re into jammy reds or full bodied reds, you won’t like these.

I worked through a bottle of the 08’ reserve grenache over the last couple of days and here are my notes from CT.

6/13/2013: Drank this over two days. On the PNP. In the glass it has a deep garnet core and light red edges, you can barely see ones hand through the wine under the glass. The nose is potent and almost perfume strong. Primarily raspberry and a bit of cherry and strawberry.

On the tongue it is initially tart and fills the mouth with the same fruit flavors described in the nose. Tannins are mild but present and the wine really Coates the mouth like a much fuller bodied wine would. I would initially call the finish short but that does the wine some disservice. The fruitiness drops off quickly but the wine stays with you for some time.

I sampled this about three hours later and found the fruit had faded somewhat in the nose but the palate was still going strong. And then on day 2 I opened the wine. ( I had stored 1/2 the wine in a 375 on the initial cork pull) it was very much the same wine from the day before. No better no worse.

This is easily one of the more enjoyable grenaches I have had. Made in a fruit forward style (but not jammy) that seems suited to the grape I would easily pick this up in the $20 price range. Completely drinkable on it’s own without food. Highly recommended.

i, too bought the last Core offer, but unlike lunaluna, i really enjoyed them. i found them to be fabulous, food-friendly reds, juicy and balanced. if you lived nearby, i’d take them off your hands.

I have had the Core offerings and like them as well. But, are these close to, or beyond their drinking windows? These might be “drink em soon”!

According to winemaker:
“It’s ready to go now or age it for another 5-10 years.”

These are red, not rosé…

Hey wooters: had to stop by the Fed Ex distribution center twice to hunt down this bottle! I hope my thoughts help.

2008 core Grenache reserve


Color bright ruby red, clear, thick legs
Nose: alcohol! Drank small pour…glass sat 10 min…nose in glass caramel, white chocolate, red berries
Taste: cotton candy, raspberries, jammy…slight perceived sweetness But not sugary. i bet its the fruit but curious if any RS. Zin like.

Wife: alcohol on nose; Taste like caramel, jammy mouthfeel, raspberries. Likes it.

Overall impression: drank this over 30 minutes then recorked for next day to see how wine develops. Definitely New World, fruit forward with a bit tad too much alcohol though it is not objectionable if you enjoy this style.
My wine drinking friends would like this (they are fruit forward, NW, CA wine drinkers). If you enjoy more restrained, earthy, low alcohol WA, OR, Old world wines not so sure you would enjoy this. I Like them all so this was enjoyable and would not mind buying if the price is right.

I would pay $18 per bottle delivered. Drinks like a solid $25/bottle priced at winery. Wife estimates $20-$25 winery and ok with paying same delivered.

I’ll update Day two notes in a while. Unlike Ron, I can’t do the 5am wine thing. :slight_smile:

Do you mind providing us with at reason why you didn’t care for the wine? I realize that tasting notes are very subjective, but any more specific comments would be appreciated for those looking to buy (or not buy). “We didn’t care for these wines”, unfortunately doesn’t help with any decision making.

Thanks for good notes. Pretty much convinces me the wines are not my style.

I purchased the previous offering from Core mainly because they are a local wine company (i’m in Santa Barbara) however I personally did not find these enjoyable. I also recall not being able to finish the bottle with my lady friend. As mentioned above with a pizza, some other italian cuisine it may be fine.

Greetings Wine Wooters, one thing to keep in mind when deciding to buy or not to buy. These bottles were selected to compliment each other and there are 4 bottles included: Grenache, Tempranillo and 2 blends that feature these varietals. Many of our customers like to see how the varietals taste by themselves and how they change when blended. Explore, enjoy and have fun, they are all very different in style. If I had to generalize about these specific wines, I think the Grenache Reserve and Tempranillo Reserve are great on their own or with cheeses, cured meats etc. The blends are less fruity, more complex and great with a meal as some wooters have suggested. I’m sure Dave will chime in, but that’s my 2 cents. Thanks!

Hi there–glad to know you’re close by! If you’re ever in Orcutt/Santa Maria area, please visit us at our tasting studio. Either Dave or myself are there Wed.-Sun., specific hours posted on our website or email us for more information. We also pour at several SB events, next one is SB Museum of Natural History…June 29th.

Thanks for jumping on board! Is there any RS on the Grenache? Im a big fan and supporter of boutique wineries and Core sounds like it would be up my alley…i had the 2008 grenache last night and have the remaining bottle with me. I tasted it this morning and the wine was still good, but felt a bit tired. Any thouvhts on acidity, aging potential? Thanks!

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