Corel AfterShot Pro 3 Photo Editing Software

“Worth it just to batch watermark the photos on my site.”

Woot reposted this comment I made weeks ago when I ordered it…and the card never arrived!

How does this soft compare to Lightroom?

Don’t have it yet*. But on my site is a list of six free offline image editors I use a lot.Look at the bottom of this note for more info.

Old post, re-used. Never got it once it was ordered. There was lots of FUD about the genuine-ness of the source. Has this been fixed?

I haven’t used lightroom, but what I can say is that this software is very capable and easy to use.

I only make basic adjustments to JPEG’s and don’t shoot in RAW, so I am really only scratching the surface of what this and other tools can do. For those purposes at least, it’s an easy choice.

At $20, it is a steal honestly. Even if you don’t like it, you haven’t lost much. Unlike many others, there is also no recurring subscription.

Anyone try this on a Mac? I’ve seen other programs that say PC/Mac, only to find out they don’t work on a Mac.

Good find. Great deal. A good organizing tool.

Does it require a subscription or any cost with Corel?


This does not need a subscription.

Has anyone had trouble installing this? I bought this for my daughter who is hundreds of miles away and she is having difficulties installing and Corel is saying it is illegal software.

As the software is downloaded directly from Corel - presuming she did it right - IT would not be illegal.
The code could be bad.
Mine worked fine.

What is the publication/copyright date on this? And Chrome isn’t listed on browsers. Really? No Chrome?

Don’t have a Mac, but I do use the 2.0 version on Linux and it works great. I don’t shoot like I used to, though, so it’s been a while since I’ve sparked 'er up.

I’ve used this since it was “Bibble” – the batch workflow was great, and (back then) it was much faster than anything from Adobe as it’s multi-threaded approach is super efficient. Scaled almost linearly with the number of cores in your cpu(s).

Now I want to break out my old Nikon D70 and see what throughput is like on my 16-core Threadripper… :slight_smile:

Yes. I had the same experience. The serial number needed for the software is printed at a slant so it is unreadable. I contacted Corel who notified me that this is not an authorized through Woot. Woot promptly refunded me.

My card with the code never arrived. Woot refunded my order right away.

:frowning: Sorry.

I was going to order this and saw that others never were able to get the proper code to download it. Has anyone been able to download this after purchasing it from Woot?

Yes, absolutely. They’re just not posting. :\

Same here. Lost in FedEx limbo. I ordered this together with PaintShop Pro, and they traveled together until Aftershot just stopped at a facility and PaintShop Pro continued on to my house.

Woot Customer Service was great, and promptly refunded the purchase (because they said the item was sold out). I really wanted this software though, but I am nervous about re-ordering due to the FedEx issue.

Twice now I have gotten the same response, that the item was sold out even when it’s still for sale on the site. I assume that’s part of Woot customer service training, so resolve the issue as fast as possible by cancelling the transaction and refunding the money instead of trying to actually solve the problem.