Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 Ultimate Software w/2GB USB Flash Drive

dam. just paid 18.00 on here for this. love the program. a steal at this price

So close, I can taste it. Of course, it kinda tastes like aluminum, plastic, and glass. Oh wait, that’s my laptop.

“so close…so close…and yet so far…”

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well, that was a close call…

elite deal

Is Woot ever going to run out of this Box of Carp…Please Woot kill the rest and get to something good.

I think you are planning on Using the Corel for Touch-Ups of your victims, uh, patients! Virtual face-lift, anyone?!

Guess I could have looked at your handle . . .

the lady holding the camera has to be the most hated face on woot!

Nah, her awesome eyes are soothing. That is, if her eye color is not photoshopped…

wow is this still on??? talk about a wootoff killa

what’s next? tv, radar detector, or power strip? or perhaps a digital frame?

anybody attending amazon’s “hooray we cleared out Corel Paint Party”?

oh, it’s bouncing.


funny, but true

how can you tell how many are left? Or what percent?

Yes…and as an animal lover, I want to say that you are a wonderful human being, being a ‘vetdoc,’ unless ‘vet’ does not refer to pets, but to wounded military. Then you are an over-worked, and underpaid but wonderful human being!

Not that anyone is gonna see this, but I have used PSP for years now…last upgrade I did was 9, so I’m sure I’m outdated, but I really dislike change…lol

I do all my graphic work on it. Really the only thing I’ve used since quark on my mac at work. You can do about anything on it, and for the common user, it’s a great price.

Are you kidding me? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? My late Brother-in-law was the one that introduced me to woot! He retired as VP of one of the major aerospace companies. Had the biggest heart in the world, but was next to impossible squeezing those pennies out of his … ummm … pocket. :wink:

Staying up for the woot off thinking of you Mr. Brown … you are dearly missed! RIP Bro. :slight_smile:

I’m puttin my money on headphones.