Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 Ultimate Software w/2GB USB Flash Drive

paintshop pro is not 1337, nice try

Got this in a previous woot. It’s functionality surprised me. It’s a nice bit of software.

Works great on a Newton.

I thought the current version was X3?

Old version to use with that Dell D620 you bought earlier!

hard to get a 2 gig drive at your door for under 10$ bucks so its really not a bad deal if you have no photo shop software

Half off lowest quick search price for just the software…

Too bad not even this could save my horrible photography skills.

Corel? Really? I didn’t know they existed anymore. Haven’t heard of the company for the past 10 years or so.

Is there typically a Bowl of Cereal in every wootoff?

I can finally remove the bodies from my vacation pics!

Aw, crap. There seems to be a ton of these.

yah leet haha 1337

I paid about $20 for it six months ago. It’s not the current version, but it’s cheap, and it’s more than capable of writing misspelled captions on photos of your cat.

lame, I prefer gimp every time:

$24.99 on Amazon without the drive.

Strange, as the night gets later, I’m finding that I am becoming less and less funny :frowning:

1337 or LEET


This software is good if your an amateur photographer with a decent camera. Eventually you should and will upgrade to Photoshop.

there is atleast 100 of them so this is going to take a while

now that price is just too ‘1337’ for words…

Expensive version of MS Paint.