Corel Painter Essentials--Is guidebook worth having?

(I’d planned to post this under “Artist’s Resources,” but I can’t seem to get a new topic form, and given that the last post on that board was over 2 wks ago, I’m thinking there may be a technical problem with it.)

I just made an ebay purchase of some Corel Painter Essentials software. The listing stated that it was new, never opened, manufacturer sealed.

I received a sealed disk, but no box, no “Tutorial Based Guide Book.”

So, is the guide book worth having?

I’m trying to decide between doing without it, trying to make some complaint about it (listing says “no returns” but I’d complain if I felt it was a deceptive listing), or seeing if I could get one from another source.

I’d prefer to go the route of least trouble, but thought I’d better first get an opinion on the guide book. I do have experience using Photoshop, if that info is of any use.


Anyone? Please?

You would probably get a better answer on the Shirt side. When you are on the Artist Resources tab, do you see

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OK… I’m always wanting to follow the rules and trying not to stray anyplace improper since this technically wasn’t about the shirts.

As for the + Add a Topic, yes, I saw it. That’s how I posted on this board. But on the Artist’s Resources board, it did not work. Take a look… there hasn’t been a new post there since Sept. 15.