Corelle 18pc Sets - Round or Square

**Item: **Corelle 18pc Sets - Round or Square
Price: $39.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $18 Two-Day OR $21 One-Day
Condition: New

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Personally, I would have previewed this item using a darker background. So hard to see

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I agree, the White on white picture is not the greatest way to show off the product.

Another “suggestion for improvement” would be to show the square plates, and different angles.

Um, there’s only 1 image, and it’s of the round set.

I would like to see the square set

While this is good stuff it is not much of a deal. The current price for the 18 piece round set on Amazon Prime is 46.48. With Woot’s $5 shipping that amounts to a savings of less than $2.

Lightweight and more break-resistant than stoneware… Corelleware is great stuff! Ready, set, buy! (woot I want a percentage).

Be advised with at least the square Corelle set, the cups are porcelain: they are not break/chip resistant like their plates.

I LOVE WOOT! I just received my flatware that I bought a few days ago. Very happy!

Unfortunately, I think there are better deals out there, and appreciate honest comments from more knowledgeable wooters.

So here is my comment:
Walmart has a 32 piece square dinner set (which has the same type of plates, + 12 oz cups) for 99.00, in stock.

Sorry woot, I love you guys, hate to say anything negative. I still have like 8 un-opened Sansa MP3 players, and 10 iMetal earphones. (both awesome products for the price!)

Thank you!

Had Corelle years ago when the kids were young then ‘upgraded’ to better dishware soon after they left home. Now, I’m back with Corelle. Love these dishes so much. Everything else is too futzy - heavy, chips easily, stores clunkily. These are so lightweight, indestructible, and look just as good after years of use. Plus, you can stack a dozen plates in the same space as maybe 4 or 5 of other dishware.
Best of all, and I KNOW this is going to make me sound odd, but these things feel great to touch, they are smooth like butter.
Go ahead and judge.

It depends what you want…more plates and bowls or the porcelain mugs. There are NO MUGS in this set…but 2 extra of each plate and bowl (6 of each not 4). If you don’t want the cups (that aren’t corelle material anyway)…this is a better deal. For the $99 at Walmart you are getting 8 of each plate & bowl (24 pcs) and here you’re getting 6 of each bowl & plate (18 pcs) for only $59.99. I’d rather have more Corelle bowls & plates in my set than porcelain mugs.

These Corelle sets don’t have any cups included…more plates and bowls instead. You are correct that Corelle doesn’t make cups of the same material as the plates. They are regular porcelain cups.

Great dishes, not so great price. These are all I buy though and highly recommend them. Besides the price–at least in the round set you get the tiny (6") plates where I much prefer the medium (8"?) plates. The mugs (not included in this set) are fantastic as well.

Wanna sell some Sansa Clip+s?
I’m down to one dead one.


The plates and bowls are much bigger in the square set.

I love my Corelle set!!! I have had mine for 6 years now…flawless. So unfortunately but fortunately I don’t need to buy any more . . . Sorry woot :slight_smile:

Wow, are woots prices goin up! Towards the beginning of the year, they had these exact same ones I bought 2 sets, except 4 of each plate and bowl, WITH 4 mugs, 16pc ttl for 19.99! I just dont see the savings anymore… just becoming a sister site at 5% off for 24 hours. Sad to see. I do, however, so often see a deal though, when theres too much stock and the price drops over a few months. Those deals are now the way to save on woot!

When I bought the round set several years ago, the cups in that were porcelain, too.

(I see now that these don’t have any cups…)