Corelle Livingware 16pc Set-3 Styles


I bought a set about 10 years ago when the woman who would later become my wife, moved into my condo and expressed her dislike of my ikea plates. We still use them to this day.


Corelle shows the solid red mug.


All Corelle glass is made in USA


Agreed. The sets should really come with the 8.5 inch salad/dessert plates like they used to. Those are an extremely useful size. The larger 28oz bowls are also great; big enough to use as a small serving bowl if desired, but also perfect for cooking oatmeal in the microwave without boiling over, using for cereal so it doesn’t overflow when you add the milk, or even for a nice deep bowl of soup. If they made sets including both of those pieces and got rid of the stupid mugs it would be ideal I think, even if a little more expensive.
As it stands you seem to have to buy those pieces separately at a comparatively unreasonable cost.


These may bounce on ‘floors’ but only when ‘floors’ means ‘wood, linoleum or carpet.’

In my house, ‘floors’ means ‘tile’ means ‘a shkabillion bits of broken Corelle all over the floor.’


On the plus side: I love my Winter White Corelle, and have used it for something like 10 years. It is thin, lightweight and like others said, takes up little room in the cabinet and dishwasher. It microwaves well. I originally bought it to replace heavy stoneware and will continue to use it with caution. I have arthritis in my hands now and it is easy to carry. I would never use plastic to put hot food on, so Corelle is my choice for daily use.

On the negative side: in rare cases, Corelle can and will explode unexpectedly, sending shards flying violently across the room. I have personally had it happen twice. The second time, it happened when I was standing near the cabinet where the bowls were stored. I thought I escaped unscathed. For a few days, I kept having a small persistent irritation in my eye (and had forgotten about the explosion). I went to the doctor to be examined and he had to remove a tiny piece of Corelle from my eye (he could see under a black light in the white of my eye).

The bowls that exploded had been sitting for at least 3 days in a cabinet at eye level, had not been touched, heated, moved, stressed, etc. They were however, sitting above a small fluorescent light mounted under the shelf they sat on.

Another user I found on the internet had one explode after putting an small empty Corelle ice cream bowl (the bowl may have been very slightly cool still) on top of a slightly warm, not hot laptop. We both concluded that EMFs were somehow causing the Corelle to explode, not due to any issues involving heat/cold stress.

My fluorescent lights made the shelf above the bowls very slightly warm. Once, the second bowl from the top in a stack of four exploded, one time the top bowl exploded in a stack of six - two different sizes and shapes of bowls.

In his case and both of my incidents, the bowls didn’t just crack or break, they literally exploded suddenly and without warning, sending oddly shaped circular pointy shards flying at high speed across the room, similar to the reports of exploding Pyrex, which is a whole other story. Once I moved to my next home (that did not have under-cabinet lights), and the next one after that (we have the same kind of lights, but leave them off most of the time), I have not had any more of them explode. In the kitchen where the bowls did explode, we left that light on 24/7.

By my experience in the last 10 years, the Corelle made in at least the last decade does not stand up to abuse like the older versions did. Every one of my plates and all my larger bowls have teeny nibbled “chips” in the edges. If an item is dropped, it does not break like normal glass, but explodes violently, as if great force is somehow stored within the object. Some of the the shards resulting from a drop are the same odd circular shape as when they explode on their own.

I am no scientist, m’kay? But force of the explosion when they explode far exceeds the apparent force of the item hitting the floor.

I was quietly standing on the dish aisle a few years back in Wal-Mart and a young man, intent on impressing a girlfriend, wanted to illustrate how Corelle can be dropped and not break. He dropped a piece, and it shattered loudly on the floor. He quickly walked her away in deep embarrassment.

Like with other products, the Corelle which is being made today is riding on the reputation of it’s forefathers but no longer deserves a high rating. It is now an inferior product compared to what was sold to our mothers and grandmothers.

I would never use this product if I had young children in the house. Yes to the old version, but no to what is now available.


We use the 28 oz bowls a lot too. Like you said, great for oatmeal in the microwave without boiling over, cereal, soup, or serving.

I wish I could buy six more of those 28 oz. bowls at a reasonable price. I can’t seem to find them for under $6 - $8 each. I have four of the even larger bowls we use for larger family dinners but they mostly don’t get used as much, even though they came with nice snap-on plastic lids.

Anyone have a link to a place with good prices on open stock on Winter White?

Oh yeah, don’t like the Corelle mugs either. A waste of space.


My first Corelle set was the Classic Cafe Blue, too! We did have a piece or 2 break (they’re break-resistant, but not quite break-proof), and more disappeared into the “lost plate dimension,” so we added a set of the Winter Frost (on sale before Christmas from the local Shopko).
I would characterize these designs not as “belongs in a cafeteria,” but as “goes with everything” - particularly in the case of the Winter Frost. The light weight & break-resistance also helps with children learning to help with hand-washing the dishes. Corelle does make gaudier designs, too - but adding a set of Winter Frost to any of them will leave you well-prepared for occasions when you have more than 4 people eating dinner (every day in our 5-person family!).


TIL: What a charger plate is.


$40 list price is a joke. $26 for exact same thing at wal mart, no shipping cost. There is no discount here.


Funny how I ordered these in red on 12/8 and was sent the wrong color, woot said they had no more red to replace the wrong color. (Money was refunded, handled well by service woot, etc…)

Then magically red shows up today…

Hopefully I get the right color this time.

Plates are great so far btw.


I posted this recently when Woot Plus sold Corelle:

*Corelle is the greatest, if you are concerned about storage. I ordered 2 sets back in 2009 to replace some thick, heavy stoneware. The 2 sets left soooooo much room that eventually I ordered another the following year, plus a bunch of other matching bowls and plates

In 2 nice stacks are currently:
12 (10 1/4-inch) dinner plates (Amazon/set)
12 (6 3/4-inch) bread-and-butter plates (Amazon/set),
12 (18-oz) soup bowls (Amazon/set)
7 (20-oz) pasta bowls (I believe; Walmart)
2 (1-qt) serving bowls (Amazon)
2 (28-oz) soup/cereal bowls (Amazon)
6 (8 1/2-inch) salad/luncheon plates (ShopWorldKitchen)

I gave the mugs away.

Only 1 piece has shattered (20 oz pasta bowl). I was pulling a plate and lost hold of the bowl. I shattered all over the kitchen counter and floor. Razor sharp pieces EVERYWHERE. My only negative comment about these pieces.*


I can confirm that they were red when I received my set from Woot.

And I love them! Originally was a little on the fence about the red but they look great in person. Pretty sure this is even less than I paid for mine, so scoop 'em up now!

Also, people who are interested in separates - besides the Corelle website open stock, you might check if an outlet mall near you has one of their stores (mine has a combo “Corningware Corelle & More”).


I almost pulled the trigger. Glad I didn’t. I love Corelle but the designs on these are plain. For $3 more (counting the shipping) I’d rather get the Bandhani pattern.


I have my mother’s Corelle (looks identical to the Winter Frost) which is well over 40 years old, and have had the plates bounce on concrete. I finally lost one plate recently after MANY years of abuse. These are beautiful, durable and can be handed down over generations. The white is elegant and goes with everything. I’m in for 3 (one for me and 2 for gifts)despite having vowed to be on a spending break.


Too, bad on the “Made in China”. I’m trying to buy nothing made in China. It’s a challenge!!!


If you are looking for made in USA mugs, may i suggest you have a local potter throw you a set of stoneware or porcelain on her/his pottery wheel??? You can special order what size/shape you want, you can pick what glaze you wish (food safe, lead free) and you support a local artist in your community all at the same time.
If you don’t have a local potter, PM me and i can give you the name of someone local to me who could probably arrange to ship you what you want.

I love corelle and have lost most of my winter white set to breakage (and bakesales!) over the years, but i, too, do not want the mugs which is why i’m not pulling the trigger on this set.


The Corelle site has a deal on the 28 oz bowls: 40% off $6.99 when you order 6 or more, free shipping over $99. They’ve also got the Winter Frost serving bowl for $3.99.

Edit: You don’t have to buy 6 of the same item, there are 500+ qualifying items.


What a great idea! I have found my local potters guild and their next sale is in May. I have updated my calendar and will surely check out some new Made-in-the-USA wares.

But, if I were buying sets of these Corelle for gifts, this does seem to be a good price.


While I definitely think these are nice, I haven’t seen the famous Corelle immortality. The one time I dropped a plate was about a 2-foot drop into my sink and it broke in half.