Corelle Livingware 16pc Set - White



Bought this a while back. Have enjoyed the set - and this price is cheaper than the local Corning outlet and fairly comparable to Walmart and other places. Definitely worth it if you’ve unlocked shipping today.


I have this same set, bought it back in 2008. Love it, though I think I spent close to $30 for it at the time. Awesome dishes and they won’t break under normal wear/tear (trust me, you should see how often these things hit the floor). If I had the space, I’d order another set.


I have it based on personal experience that you can throw corelle at your little brother from about 20 feet away, and when it hits him it will not break. +1

however, it will also not break when he grabs the plate, chases you down and starts repeatedly bludgeoning you over the head. -1


I have these, they’ve taken a lot of abuse. I only had one ever break and it exploded into hundreds of little sharp pieces, not one bigger than a dime.


Caution, if it hits a ceramic tile floor or cast iron sink, it will shatter into many tiny pieces. That said in 30 plus years of using Corelle I have only broken a couple of cups and a few bowls and 1 lunch plate–and i am a klutz. They are light, don’t take much space in the cabinet and don’t get those annoying knife marks on them like my very expensive china did. The white set is a great deal for xtra dishes for larger groups. Also easy to match a few colored pieces or pasta bowls. Also when I purchased my most recent set, there were a couple of plates that were very slightly warped-only noticeable when stacked–however a call to Corelle and they sent replacements. I really love my corelle dishes.