Corelle Square 16-pc Set - Your Choice

**Item: **Corelle Square 16-pc Set - Your Choice
Price: $39.99
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TONS of very good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at amazon

[MOD EDIT: This is ONLY for the “Simple Lines” design.]

Great reviews (4.7 out of 5.0) over at

[MOD EDIT: This is ONLY for the “Simple Lines” design.]

Here are some good reviews on the Royal Lines set.

We love our square corelle set. Light enough the kids can carry their plates from the dining room to the kitchen. If one gets dropped they bounce and don’t shatter like pottery. There are a lot of additional coordinating pieces sold individually online or in corelle stores to add to your collection. LOVE THEM! Life long corelle owner here!

I’ve had Corelle for 40 years. The first set lasted 30-some years until I just got tired of it. I’ve had the square lines for a number of years now. Along with the fact that it looks great, doesn’t chip or craze, it also doesn’t take up nearly the cupboard space as others. And as my family grows with kids and grandkids and grandkids’ spouses, I can addd to it easily without buying whole sets.

Sounds like you just need to be careful of the decorations - they are not as durable.

I bought service for 8 in the same pattern as a housewarming gift for a younger employee. Shipped, $138. The dishes are nice, not typical Corelle.

I highly recommend them, especially at this great price!

Speaking from years of personal experience with Corelle, it does shatter into hundreds of tiny, slivery shards if dropped on tile or if it hits the floor or other surface the right way. We’ve had to clean up such shatterings more than a few times. I’ve had Corelle of various styles for more than 20 years.
Pretty stuff though! Even though I’ve vowed not to buy more of the stuff and let our stash dwindle as it shatters, I’m tempted by these designs!

I know that the Corelle brand is now owned by World Kitchen but they are still manufactured in Corning, NY. Did World Kitchen buy the factory from Corning or are they still made under contract by Corning Glass Works?

I have another design which I love, but feel I should mention for those new to square plates… because they are square, the larger plates do not rotate in my small (cheap) microwave. They fit, they just can’t spin.
Mind the hypotenuse, ladies and gents!

Foremost, I can only offer high praise on these. We have a couple of dish sets from this brand, including a square set.

They have all served us well over the past few decades. However, the square set is by far my favorite.

Our square set is similar to the one listed, just a different style. The square plates and bowls are a tad deeper than the traditional round ones that we have.

They are well suited for pastas and other sauced foods. It also seems easier to scoop soups, stews, etc. from the square bowls.

I have the “Simple Sketch” dishes, 12 pieces of each (i.e. 3 sets). I really like them. I’ve had them for nearly 2 years, and haven’t broken any of the dishes, although I have dropped a few onto the tile floor. I’m sure that something will break some day, but they’re pretty durable. My only complaint is that the small “Luncheon plate” is not very small - I really would like a smaller plate for, well, pie.

RE: Simple Lines. Not your 1950’s Corelle. Set is “upscale” (considering it’s Corelle). My 88 yr old Mom, who would NEVER had thought of using Corelle loves her set. BIG advantage for her is the plates are super light weight. She has a different style.

I have the Simple Lines. Con: The largest bowls aren’t quite big enough for my breakfast cereal. But, then again, I’m a pig. Pro: nice looking, durable (pattern is still perfect after 3 yeares), light weight. I really like my Corelle, even if my sis-in-law would puke if served from them. :slight_smile:

Have this exact set, ditto on all the thumbs up comments.

My wife and I received two sets of these exact plates as a wedding gift and we love them. These are actually a thicker plate than the standard ones so they should be even more sturdy but they’re still not very heavy.

I will agree that the decoration can start to fade over time.

I am considering getting another set just to have though…

Reiterating what others have said. I have the same set for years. As others have said, its light weight and durable. I’m sure if you drop it high enough it will shatter but taking inventory this morning I still have the full set. This set doesn’t chip or stain. I usually eat of the smaller plate, but the big plate is good sometimes too. Microwave/Dishwasher safe and easy to clean. The mugs are a good size for coffee. I can’t say enough about this item.

Nice enough for everyday using but could also be good for that extra set for a picnic, camping or college dorm room. If you are still using a hand-me-down set from the parents and some cheap stuff you got of craigs…throw that stuff out and get this set. With normal care you will have this set for years.

My family has had a Corelle Square dinnerware set for four years and going…

They’ve survived several clashes, crashes and drops along the way. Would definitely stand by this brand.

Proceed without caution.

I like my dishes the same way I like my mods … thick and substantial with a heart of stone :wink:

But for the pop-up camper I am rebuilding, these could not be more perfect!