Corison 2005 Red Set (3)



Corison 2005 Red Set 3-Pack
$149.99 (Normally $188.00) 20% off List Price
2005 Corison Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
2005 Helios Syrah
2005 Helios Cabernet Sauvignon
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Welcome back, Cathy! We’ve missed you dearly.


Glad to see Cathy back but I yearn for the old 50-60% discount we used to get. I just can’t do it at this price. :frowning:


Corison + 2005 in Napa = in for 3. Well there goes the wine budget for a while.


Those days are gone, probably forever.


I really shouldn’t buy this, but I want to! 20% off list price is about the same as club discount, except with wootish shipping. Doesn’t help that I just bought four bottles when I was there with the rpm tour. Sigh. What to do?


You and mill, but he for only one. Would love to add some 2005 juice to complete some verticals, but just can’t gnaw on it at these prices. sigh.


Was the 2005 available? I don’t recall but don’t understand why I wouldn’t have gotten some if it were.



I just don’t pass on any offer from Cathy anymore!


Sparky, I saw you jump on this. Thanks for the birthday gift. :wink:


On the fence. She is my favorite Napa wine maker, but the price is about what I’ve paid at wine shops for other vintages of Corison, let alone the Helios label.


Agree. The corison cab is $85 and the syrah at $38 on website. Helios cab not listed, but retail shown by woot implies retail at $65. $65 for second label? Like her wines a lot, but this is too rich for me.


Bye bye wine recession. You treated us entirely too well. I remember when w.w offered Corison Cab for under $35/bottle, entirely too inexpensive, but you got me used to the price point. :slight_smile:


The 2005 is the only vintage missing in my 2002-2006 vertical right now…


Love Cathy’s wines, but at this price point, I will have to shake my head sadly and pass this opportunity up.

Now if this were a Kronos on the other hand, I would be all over this.


If it were 3 of the cabs I’d be in for max. As it is I’m on the fence pondering maybe 1, but probably not. Will sleep on it.


Oh yeah! I’ve been waiting for a good one to break my SIWBM. Dos por favor. You know the happy couple (the Cheron couple) will likely be in as we’ll. Congrats to you guys, btw. Cheers!


After a great steak dinner with my gorgeous niece at Pacific Dining Car, got home, booted up and headed Woot-ward.

Whoa!!! This is really my lucky day – 3lbs of Pt. Reyes Blue!!! But…but uh-oh it’s 10PM!!! Oh No Noooooooo! So pithed I missed it… but… wait… what’s this? An offering of Corison reds!!! Absolutely in for one… and second in line after the redoubtable mill…a memorable honor to accompany some eagerly anticipated, first-rate wine!


Big fan of her wines but not even tempted at this price…