Corison Cabernet Vertical Two-Pack

Corison Cabernet Vertical Two-Pack
$59.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Red
1 Corison 2000 Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley
1 Corison 2001 Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley

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For information about the Labrat program, read this. You must first email to sign up for the program (no confirmation email is sent). Despite the short week, the labrat program IS on this week.

…and the old man’s getting slow (and the mystery continues…)

First sucker: shh64
Speed to first woot: 0m 8.110s
Last wooter to woot: mill

Take note:

“This deal will only last until Wednesday night, when we’ll replace it with a special offering. Not that this one isn’t special in its own way.”

Exciting Wine.Woot. This should be a fun week!

Is the Wednesday another Woot! Cellars offering? I sure hope so. Opened up 2 bottles of the Humbug this weekend, and was SO surprised at how much better it was than when it was opened in December. Maybe those guys that are ranting about bottle shock all the time are actually on to something :wink:

Wow, their three bottle vertical (2000-2002) is retailing for $205 on their website

Arg, in for 2. I beat Mill but was after Shhh. Older cabs = awesomeness. With only one bottle of each, I would have been very sad to just get one.

Yeah, at $145 for these from the winery before shipping this would appear to be one of the biggest discount from MSRP that woot has provided.

I copied this for JW:

Corison Cabernet Vertical Two-Pack
Current numbers (updated each minute):
First sucker: shh64
Speed to first woot: 0m 8.110s

Last wooter to woot: mill

Yeah, and the individual bottles sell for $70 and $75!

What a bargain for me!


In for one, saving my money for wed’s offering (last time when they did the half-week it was for the blue cheese right? Which paired with the offering from earlier in the week. The blue cheese was excellent).

I’m thinking these are my valentine’s present to myself. What kind of food should I tell my honey to provide for maximum deliciousness?

Also how does the labrat thing work these days? Do you still have to sign up specially or is it just “people who order before 10am”?

this is way too good of a deal to pass up on, had to go in for 1.

Same here. Can’t wait to try these :slight_smile:

Also, how is Cork’d a side deal?

WD is going to be getting all of my money this week… oh well. I guess I owe him for the Wannabe Red :slight_smile:

Impressive discount (wonder what the retail is likely to be?). In for 1.

Is anyone going to luck out and get labrat this week? Or will the Wednesday cutoff mean no labrat?

CellarTracker average prices are around $50/bottle. Ratings are all over the map on both, but moreso for the 2000. Judging from the feedback, these are most likely being offered up from the Library as ‘drink soon’ as opposed to “cellar for 5 more years” offerings.

I was wondering the same thing. WD…?

Damn, no way can I resist this. Maybe it can be a going-away gift for my bf and I can justify it that way…

I screen captured this one!

shh64 out paces mill

I hope the link works.

EDIT: It does :happy:

Ooooh, this looks nice. Maybe a little expensive for me, but I’m thinking about it. Thursday will be exciting too. :slight_smile:

You have to, at one point only (in other words, not every week), email and request to be a labrat. I think it’s, but there’s a link in WD’s signature, so easy enough to find out for sure. You will NOT necessarily get a reply email - just trust your email to work.

THEN, if you order before 10am CST (11am EST, 9am MST, 8am PST) on Monday, you are in the running to be labratted. You won’t know you are one until one shows up. Just be happy and enjoy it if you are (and drink and post tasting notes promptly). And if you’re not, well, the game continues as you constantly try to order before the cut off each week in the quest to becoming a La Brat.

Begging in no way helps in the prospect of being la bratted. My understanding is that it’s partially random and partially at WD’s discretion. So… sucking up to WD MAY help, but I have no evidence to support that.

As for this week’s offering. Wow. Heck of a deal. But wow. A mighty expensive woot. I’m waiting to hear on a job I interviewed for last week. Maybe if I get it (supposed to hear early this week) we can get some of these to celebrate. If not, well… sigh. We lose out.