Corison Cabernet Vertical Two-Pack

Ouch. Looks like the West coasters are going to be sleeping on this one…

Gonna be a long day

x2. Why do you keep doing this to us ?!? Getting anything done at work today is going to be difficult.

East Coast in for one!

Wow, ordering from the Blackberry is paying off on this one, since I’m guessing there’s a pretty good shot it’ll be sold out by the time I get to work.

Way to completely crush my moratorium, and thanks for giving me something to do with the two empty slots in the top shelf of my wine rack that I wasn’t otherwise sure what to do with.

I’m actually happy I am working on the east coast this week - and decided to get to work “on time” :slight_smile:

Everyone - this is a no-brainer, and if memory serves me this is at least 50% off…

What’s the shipping situation on this? I can’t see buying this when temps are in the 80’s right now in Michigan. Is there overnight or 2nd day air as an option?

Dammit, I know I keep complaining about this, but I bought the 2000 and 2001 Corison from Woot, why won’t these ship to NH?

It’s good day to wake up early on the West Coast. In for my first Corisons.

2002 CT

2003 CT

Oh, I doubt that.

Bought these to do a vertical flight with my '00 and '01 Cabs I bought a couple years ago.

Should make for a fun night!

Can someone make me feel good about this purchase? The amount of wine I have bought on all you strangers recommendations is ridiculous.

Just do it. I didn’t buy this during the wootoff a few months ago and I’ve regretted my poor choice ever since. It’s a steal.

What is “vertical” in regards to wine?

Good stuff.

Just adding some past links if you haven’t perused them for yourself yet:

There are some tasting notes at the very end

plus a yummy recipe with red wine (corison in particular)

Answered my own question…

Vertical tastings are based on vintage while horizontal is based on different winemakers

the years that they come from. Here you have the years going up, like they are vertical :slight_smile: